Able Brewing Coffee Filter

Updated version of this infinitely reusable stainless steel filter. Has a rim to help the Kone keep its shape over time, and a blunted point for safety. Use with Chemex and other pour-over coffeemakers. Made in Portland, Oregon (more info)

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Able Brewing Coffee Filter - Kaufmann Mercantile

Designed and engineered in Portland, Oregon, by coffee roasters Keith Gehrke and Matt Higgins, the Kone filter is not just a paperless solution to filtering out finely ground beans. It's also a tasty one. Besides the grounds, paper also filters out coffee’s natural oils, diminishing its flavor. The Kone filter gives you the ease and freshness of using a pour-over coffeemaker with the fully bloomed flavor of a French press.
The Kone filter came from the mind of Gehrke, who uses a Chemex in his Portland coffee shop. Sick of wasting resources on paper filters, in October 2009, Gehrke designed a steel version by tracing the conical shape of the paper filter. Unlike the paper filters, however, coffee doesn’t drip out from the tip, but filters out of the holes perforated throughout the filter.
Kone filters are manufactured entirely in the United States from Ohio steel which is formed and welded in Connecticut and distributed out of Oregon.
Besides being sleek and beautiful, the reusability of the Kone is a handy feature—think of how much paper will be saved by using only one filter for years to come. 

Use & Care

While techniques may vary, the home brewing method is simple.  Heat about 800g of water (you only need 400g, but allow for some to evaporate while boiling) on the stove. Once the water is boiling, transfer it immediately to a room temperature kettle, if you have one, for best results. Scorching hot water can burn the ground coffee. Once it's cooled ever so slightly, gently pour over 4 tablespoons of finely ground coffee, directly into the center of the Kone.
Too coarse of a grind will result in channeling, where water slips between the coffee bed and gushes through the holes in the side of the filter, taking with it under-extracted coffee and lots of sediment.  A grind too fine will choke the brew resulting in over-extracted coffee and lots of sediment. Somewhere in between is where you want your ground coffee to be.
For the Kone, a grind that falls between what's used for espresso and very fine paper-filtered pour-over grinds. If you're grinding the coffee at home yourself, the best way to tell if you've got the right size grind is by timing it. It should take about two minutes to filter.
If you already own a Chemex coffeemaker, please note that Kones fits into the 6-, 8- or 10-cup models, but not the 3-cup. 

Production & Design

Coffee seeps through tiny, photochemically machined holes throughout the filter, which is suspended within the Chemex, the top of the cone just resting on the glass. Coffee comes out of the top, the middle and bottom if you gently pour a steady stream of hot water directly into the middle of the grind. 


Fits Chemex Coffeemakers 6-, 8-, 10-cup models), and other pour-over coffeemakers with conical funnels

Stainless steel

Coffee Grind

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