Akiko Teak & Steel Petanque Set

Steel and wood pétanque set (similar to the Italian game of bocce) in teak wood carrying box. Dual-panel lids with stainless steel hinges and recessed handle. Comes with six chrome plated steel balls with two wooden jacks. Made in Denmark. (more info)

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Akiko Teak & Steel Petanque Set - Kaufmann Mercantile

Similar to its Italian cousin bocce, pétanque is a game in which the aim is to throw larger balls to get as close as possible to the “jack,” a smaller wooden ball. In France they call the wooden jack a cochonnet, which translates to “little pig.” 

The sturdy teak wood storage and carrying case makes this chrome plated stainless steel pétanque set suitable as a fixture in the backyard or for on-the-go games at the park. Teak wood is naturally rich in oils, making it highly resistant to weather, moisture, rot, fungus or other damaging conditions. The smaller balls or jacks, which are the target of the game, are also made of teak wood. The hollow steel balls are chrome plated so that they maintain their high polish, but the coating also makes them durable and easy to clean—even after several rounds in the dirt. 

Use & Care

Although pétanque can be played anywhere on any surface, including short grass, a dense beach, hard soil and an unpaved backyard, a gravel court is best. The minimum space required is 2 x 12 meters (6.5 x 39 feet), while international dimensions are 4 x 15 meters (13 x 49 feet). The game equipment consists of six (2 x 3) steel balls (also called boules), one jack (a small wooden ball) and one measuring tape. The game can be played by two, four (double) or six participants (triple). Use twelve balls when four or six people are playing.

Directions for a two team game:

1. Players divide into two teams and divide the balls equally among each team.

2. The starting team chooses the starting point and traces a circle large enough for any player to stand in with both feet fully inside. However, the circle may not be less than 14 inches (35 cm) or more than 19 inches (50 cm) in diameter. The perimeter of the circle must be at least 1 meter (3 feet) from any obstacle.

3. The first player throws the jack. The distance from the jack to the nearest edge of the circle must be six to ten meters (20-33 feet) and at least one meter (3 feet) from any obstacle.

4. The next player on the same team throws the first ball and tries to get it as close to the jack as possible.

5. A player from the opposing team throws the next ball and tries 1) to get it as close to the jack as possible; 2) to hit the ball of the first team; and/or 3) to dislodge the jack into another position.

6. The same team continues to throw until one of their balls is closer to the jack than any of the balls of the opposing team, or until all their balls have been thrown. Then it is other team’s turn to try to win back their position nearest to the jack.

7. Only one team can score in a round. One point is scored for each ball that is closer to the jack than the closest ball of the opposing team.

8. The winning team traces a new circle around the jack and throws the jack again. The game continues as described above.

9. The game is over when one team scores 13.

Tip: The best way to throw a pétanque ball is to place it snugly in the palm of your hand with your fingers close together and your palm facing down. Straighten your arm, move it back until your hand is at the height of your hip. Then swing your arm forward and down and up again in an arc, passing your hand close to your thigh as you swing. Let go of the ball when your arm is on the way up. This will give the ball a nice trajectory and yet also slow it down when it hits the ground.

Maintenance and Care:

The teak wood is untreated. If you wish to preserve and/or intensify the color, the wood can be polished with our Beeswax Wood Care and Finish. If the product is not oiled regularly, the surface will change color over time and turn silvery grey. This aesthetic change will not affect the integrity of the wood and its ability to deter rot and fungus.

Clean the stainless steel hinges of the lids using a cloth with a little liquid dishwashing detergent. To minimize tarnishing, oil the steel at least twice a year.

Over time and with use and play, the chrome-plating of the balls will become scratched. To prevent corrosion, wipe off the balls after each game.

Production & Design

Founded in 1977, this Danish company began in wood flooring and whole staircases, eventually applying their wood expertise to furniture and accessories. They favor wood in the home for the warmth that the material imparts. Out of their respect for natural resources, they use only FSC-certified wood and actively seek to have little to no impact on the environment when considering materials and designs. The petanque set was designed by Japanese designer Akiko Kuwahata, who lives in Denmark and runs a design studio whose aesthetic is informed by traditional Japanese handicraft and Scandinavian minimalism. 


Carrying box:
11 inches long x 8.3 inches wide x 4.7 inches high
(28 x 21 x 12 cm)
20.2 pounds (9 kg)

Steel balls:
1.6 pounds (0.7kg)

Teak wood
Chromium plated stainless steel

Made in
  • USA
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