Alder New York x KM Sea Salt Hair Powder

Dry hair powder cleans and freshens hair without water. Sprinkle powder onto scalp, work in, brush excess out for a fuller more lustrous look. Our exclusive scent has bergamot and vetiver. 4 oz. bottle. Other scents also available. (more info

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  • Alder New York x KM Sea Salt Hair Powder  - Kaufmann Mercantile1
  • Alder New York x KM Sea Salt Hair Powder  - Kaufmann Mercantile2
  • Alder New York x KM Sea Salt Hair Powder  - Kaufmann Mercantile3
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Alder New York x KM Sea Salt Hair Powder  - Kaufmann Mercantile

Washing your hair every day can be drying to the scalp and washes away beneficial oils that keep hair supple and healthy. Besides being undesirable from a hair-health standpoint, washing each time your hair feels tangled and flat is sometimes simply inconvenient, like after a workout or during a camping trip. When this is the case, a dry shampoo powder can be used to absorb oils and give volume to fine, flat hair without drying out the scalp.

This hair powder is entirely natural. It absorbs well, which is the reason why some people prefer powder to creams and sprays. It doesn't leave a white residue or make hair look grey, like baby powder (which contains talc).

For those who color/blow-dry their hair, dry hair powder is a good way to reduce the damage that comes from frequent washing and frequent heat styling. 

Every batch of hair powder is made by hand and bottled in recycled glass bottles. Alder New York firmly believes that a product going on your skin should be safe enough to eat. There's no reason a chemical would be harmful to ingest, but safe enough to put on your body.

"We were inspired by the beaches in Long Island and wanted to summon the fresh briney scent of the sea with this hair powder," says Nina Zilka of Alder New York. "This scent is more complex than our other scents, and it's also a departure from our usual color platte."

Use & Care

Take about a teaspoonful in your palm (for thicker hair, use a bit more) and rub it through the roots. Then, run a brush through hair to distribute. Your hair will be left fresher and fuller. 

For best results, keep the bottle out of direct sunlight and keep it capped when not in use. When traveling, be sure and keep the bottle somewhere safe within your suitcase so it won't break.

Production & Design

The dry hair powder is made of kaolin clay, rice powder, organic horsetail powder, and essential oils, all of which are sourced from Thailand and the USA. 

The dry powder is mixed by hand in small batches. The finished batch is put into 100% recycled glass bottles. 

All steps of the product manufacturing are done by Alder in New York.


4 ounce glass bottle (recycled glass)

Vetiver and Bergamont

Rice powder
Kaolin clay
Organic horsetail powder
Essential oils 

Made in
New York

Key Points
- Use to keep hair dry and full between washes
- Fresh ocean scent with bergamont and vetiver
- Recycled glass bottle
- Ideal for travel
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