Everyday Metal First Aid Kit

A KM exclusive, our first aid kit can be stored in your bathroom or kitchen for life's everyday emergencies. Includes woven bandages, burn cream and cold pack (full list below). Measures 9.5" L x 6.5" W x 2.5" H. Made in U.S.A. (more info)

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  • Everyday Metal First Aid Kit - Kaufmann Mercantile2
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Everyday Metal First Aid Kit - Kaufmann Mercantile

“Be prepared” is more than just a Scouts motto, it’s a way of life for this family-owned emergency supply company based in Missouri. For over 55 years, the business has offered first aid kits, boxes, bandages and other safety and emergency supplies, using American materials and suppliers. In addition to everyday items such as cold compresses and ointments, the metal kit also includes a patented CPR mouth protector and barrier. For this KM exclusive, we chose as few synthetic materials as possible: the gauze is made with non-stick material and the bandages are woven, to comfortably dress wounds. Gloves are made with Nitrile rubber, a safe alternative to latex for those with allergies.

Use & Care

Keep your first aid kit in the bathroom or with your emergency supplies. It can also travel with you on camping and road trips.

Production & Design

Out of a 125,000 square-foot factory in Kansas City, Missouri, this medical and emergency supply company takes up a whole city block and proudly provides tools for the household as well as governmental agencies. The company’s founder started in the business as a medical supply and fire extinguisher salesman. Dismayed by the lack of domestically-made products, he launched his own manufacturing business over 55 years ago, dedicated to working with American materials and suppliers.

We collaborated on producing this unique first aid kit that's ANSI certified and contains as few synthetic materials as possible. The lid design is also exclusive to KM.


9.5" (24.13cm) L x 6.5" (16.51cm) W x 2.5" (6.35cm) H


Kit includes
- Certi-Strips - Heavy Weight Woven - 1" x 3" (16/unit)
- Certi-Strips - Woven - Extra Large - 2" x 3" (6/unit)
- Certi-Strips - Heavy Weight Woven - Fingertip (10/unit)
- Certi-Strips - HeavyWeight Woven - Knuckle (8/unit)
- Triangular Bandage - w/ pins - ANSI- 40" x 40" x 56" (3/unit)
- Certi-Gauze Pads - ANSI - 3" x 3" (4/unit)
- Absorbent Compress - ANSI - 32 Sq." (1/unit)
- Certi-Gauze Pads - ANSI - 2" x 2" (6/unit)
- Certi-Sporyn - Antibiotic Cream - ANSI - 1 gram (10/unit)
- Antiseptic BZK Towelettes - ANSI - 5" x 7" (10/unit)
- Certi-Tape - 1/2" x 2 1/2 yards (2/unit)
- Cold Pack - Certi-Cool Junior - 5" x 7" (1/unit)
- Certi-Burn Cream - ANSI - 1 gram (6/unit)
- CPRotector® - Gloves - Plastic Bag - 5 1/2" sq. (2/unit)
- First Aid Facts Guide - Book - (1)

Made in
  • USA
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