Art & Graphic Design Knife Blades

High-carbon content, stainless steel blades that take a sharper edge and keep it longer. Comes in seven shapes. For knife handle No. 1 & No. 2. Pack of 12. Made in Germany. (more info)

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Art & Graphic Design Knife Blades - Kaufmann Mercantile

Bayha blades are made with a hard carbon alloyhard enough to keep the super-sharp edge from wearing down. The strong metal is lightweight, and despite being cast thin for precision, the blade will not bend or buckle with pressure.
All blade types fit into the Bayha knife handles.
Blades come wrapped in paper foil in a pack of twelve. While the blades were designed for surgical precision, they are non-sterilized and are intended for hobbyists and professional designers, not hospitals. 

Use & Care

General Purpose Blade (No. 21): Favored by graphic designers, these blades are the most versatile. Durable and precise, the No. 21 will cut through medium and lightweight materials, from cardboard and rubber, to glossy paper and foam. No. 21 will also work for carving, including soft woods.

Compact General Purpose Blade (No. 19): As durable and sharp as No. 21, this blade is also made for versatility, but built more compact to fit into the tight spaces of model trains and mock-ups.

Heavy-Duty Contour Blade (No. 23): Thicker to cut through heavier materials, but with a fine tip for finer cuts. Designer for leather, thick rubber and plastic, linoleum, etc.

Compact Contour Blade (No. 18): Bayha's thicker, heavy-duty blade in a smaller size. Made for heavier materials, but with more litheness and less depth as the No. 23.

Extended Contour Blade (No. 28): Durable with a long neck and contoured blade. Great for carving, scoring, reaching. 

Fine-Tip Blade (No. 24): Designed for precision, the fine tip blade will make even the tiniest or curviest cuts crisp and clean.

All Bayha blades fit into the knife handles with a locking hinge-and-bolt mechanism:

1.  Lift the hinge at the top of the knife. This will loosen the grip on the blade so you can slip it on or off.
2.  To replace, hold the blade parallel to the knife so the blade's notch lines up with the knife's bolt. Slip the blade into place.
3.  Flick the hinge back against the knife handle.

Production & Design

Bayha blades are made with a hardened carbon alloy steel, so they are strong as well as thin and precise. The blades were first designed for surgical use, where there is no margin for error in exactness of cut or strength of metal. The materials and skills developed to make their hospital-grade tools translate over to these non-surgical knives, which can be trusted for beautiful and consistent cuts. 


Blades Available
No. 18, pointed round small blades (12 pack)
No. 19, small round blades (12 pack)
No. 21, large round blades (12 pack)
No. 23, pointed round large blades (12 pack)
No. 24, pointed blades (12 pack)
No. 28, extra long small blades (12 pack)

Stainless steel

Made in
  • USA
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