Art & Graphic Design Knife No. 01

Stainless steel handle with a locking bolt latch. Broad handle for a full grip. Fits 7 types of carbon alloy blades. Made in Germany. Blade not included. (more info)

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  • Art & Graphic Design Knife No. 01 - Kaufmann Mercantile2
  • Art & Graphic Design Knife No. 01 - Kaufmann Mercantile3
  • Art & Graphic Design Knife No. 01 - Kaufmann Mercantile4
Art & Graphic Design Knife No. 01 - Kaufmann Mercantile

The sight of a line of surgical tools is oddly beautiful. Ordered, functional and impossibly clean, their very design exudes control. Bayha’s non-surgical cutting knives are made for graphic designers and hobbyists, but were designed for the no-margin-for-error precision of the operating theater.

These stainless steel knives are broader than the grooved precision handle for a sturdier grip. It works for carving as well as cutting and trimming. Don’t worry about wielding a solid chunk of stainless steel – the handle is hollow, so it’s hefty but not heavy.
All Bahya blades fit into the bolt-and-hinge latch of this knife. Bayha blades are made with carbon alloy steel so they keep a sharp edge longer, and are strong, so despite being thin they won’t bend or buckle with normal use.

Use & Care

Made with non-reactive stainless steel, the knife needs very little care. Even if you knock it around or leave it in a puddle of water, it will be fine. Should the knife get dirty, wash with soap and water like you would a fork.
Bayha blades keep their edge for a long time, but will eventually need to be changed depending on how often you use the knife and what you use it on. The blades can be sharpened at least a couple times on a knife sharpener, if you've got one. Remember that dull blades are more dangerous than sharp ones. They need more pressure to cut and are more likely to slip and go where you don't want them to. Change your blades as soon as they start to feel dull so you don't slice a finger or poke a gut.
Kaufmann Mercantile stocks seven types of blades.
Follow these directions to change the blade:
1.  Lift the hinge at the top of the knife. This will loosen the grip on the blade, so you can slip it on or off.
2.  To replace, hold the blade parallel to the knife so the blade's notch lines up with the knife's bolt. Slip the blade in.
3.  Flick the hinge back into place, tight against the knife handle. 

Production & Design

Bayha blades are made with a hardened carbon alloy steel, so they are strong as well as thin and precise. The knives were originally designed for surgical use, where there is no margin for error in exactness of cut or strength of metal. The materials and skills developed to make these hospital-grade tools translate over to their non-surgical knives, which can be trusted for beautiful, consistent and precise cuts. 

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150 mm (5.9'') 
Stainless steel

Blades Available
–No. 18, pointed round small (12 pack)
–No. 19, small round (12 pack)
–No. 21, large round (12 pack)
–No. 23, pointed round large (12 pack)
–No. 24, pointed (12 pack)
–No. 28, extra long small (12 pack)
(See "Art and Graphic Design Knife Blades")

*Please note that the knife handles ship without a blade.

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