Bagel, Salami & Spreading Knife

Razor sharp traditional German knife. Slices through bread, then the broad tip scoops and spreads butter, jam and cream cheese. Perfect at the table or on a picnic. Handmade in Germany. (more info)

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  • Bagel, Salami & Spreading Knife - Kaufmann Mercantile2
Bagel, Salami & Spreading Knife - Kaufmann Mercantile

In Germany, Frühstück (or breakfast) is a varied delight that often includes tastes and textures that range from delicate dark ryes dressed with butter and jam to hearty cheeses to cased sausages and cured salamis. The Windmuhlenmesser breakfast knife is made to handle such a multi-textured meal, bestowing uncommon versatility upon a common household tool. 

The sharp, broad blade gets its name from the tip’s round, bulging shape and is one of the oldest knife styles in Germany. It combines the sharpness of a meat knife and the surface area of a butter knife in one lightweight utensil. 

Despite the smooth edge, it’s sharp enough to slice through bread like a serrated knife. The unique taper-ground blade makes for a thinner, sharper and more stable edge from the heel to the tip of the knife.

First forged in the 19th century, this combination of German utility and craftsmanship has withstood the test of time and still impresses today. Whether you’re serving the Von Trapp children at the breakfast table or picnicking with them in the foothills of the Alps, this knife will do nearly any job you ask of it.

Use & Care

Even without a serrated edge, the breakfast knife is thin enough to cut bread without unwanted crumbling, yet strong enough to slice bagels and hard sausages with ease. Its width and flatness also allow for the decadent scooping and spreading of butter, jam and other sumptuous morning spreads. 

Many people take this sharp all-around from the kitchen to the dining room to the picnic basket with aplomb — confident that its versatility can handle any task.

Though this non-reactive stainless-steel knife (14% Chromium) is rust-resistant and very low-maintenance, it is important to hand wash it to avoid the degradation that comes with throwing it in the dishwasher. 

The fine-glazing of the blade will help retain its sharpness longer than a more common stainless-steel knife, but because duller blades are more accident prone, ten strokes with a sharpening stone to each side will bring the edge back. 

Keep the cherry wood handle smooth and glistening by rubbing in a bit of mineral oil every once in a while.

Production & Design

The city of Solingen has been synonymous with the finest sword-making for centuries. To preserve the integrity of this tradition, the city issued a decree that commanded any blade associated with the name Solingen meet high standards for materials and sharpness.

Windmuhlenmesser's Breakfast knife design was first forged over 130 years ago and comes from deep within a German rural tradition. Huge hammers slam down onto steel bricks heated to thousands of degrees, compressing the metal into heavy and durable knife blanks. After the blanks are formed, the steel is tempered and then master and journeymen knife makers finish the edge by hand-grinding it to the distinctive taper shape. The grinding angle is much farther up on the blade than today's usual beveled edge. The dry-fine-ground tapers to a thin, very sharp cutting edge, giving a long-lasting durability to the knife.


Blade length
4.6 inches (118 mm)

–Table or picnic knife
–Slicing breads and bagels
–Cutting sausages and cured meats
–Scooping and spreading butter, jam, cream cheese

–High carbon content stainless steel
–Cherry wood handle

–Hand wash only 
–Apply mineral oil to the wooden handle occassionaly  

Handmade in
Solingen, Germany 
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