Beechwood Horsehair Table Brush Set

Table brush set with brush and dustpan. Oiled beech with horsehair bristles. Suitable for small scale messes. 4.5" x 5.5." Brush nestles into the dustpan, and can hang on the wall as a single piece. Made by hand in Sweden. (more info)

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  • Beechwood Horsehair Table Brush Set - Kaufmann Mercantile2
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Beechwood Horsehair Table Brush Set - Kaufmann Mercantile

" Flow" is what they call the psychological state of being totally immersed in your creative activity. You're so completely absorbed in that feeling of energized focus, you're not thinking about anything else. Especially not the mess you're making.

And that's how it should be. With this small table brush, a few flicks of the wrist will require practicality zero effort to get your kitchen countertop of workbench clear again. And because the brush fits right in the dustpan, you can hang the set up by its loophole, as one piece. A simple, minimalist tool, a clear workspace. Every day, go ahead. Make your best mess yet. 

Beechwood is a hard wood, very heavy in weight and medium in elasticity, which makes it resistant to cracking or breaking. Beech is 30% harder than teak, with a straight grain and fine, even texture. It's often chosen for tabletops, floors or other high traffic areas for ability to wear well and stay smooth subjected to repeated function.

The short horsehair bristles work well for brushing dust and crumbs from surfaces. The hair cleans easily with soap and water. 

This brush is made by a company that employs only visually impaired craftsmen to weave all the brush bristles by hand, and who have been doing so since 1975. 

Use & Care

The brush dustpan set makes the most sense for areas where you'll have smaller crumbs and scraps. Since the bristles are just 1" long, they're really meant for smaller messes. 

The horsehair bristles can be carefully cleaned with warm water and mild soap, then left to air dry on a clean cloth. 

Completely wetting the beech wood itself is not recommended. But if you need to wipe something off of it, you can spot treat with a damp towel. 

Production & Design

The manufacturer of this particular brush opened in 1975 to employ visually impaired craftsmen.  The tradition of employing the visually impaired to make brushes began in 1889, with the opening of the Swedish blind association.  The association prioritized vocational training for the visually impaired, in crafts such as brush making and basket weaving, among others. 

Many of the artisans typically make about 7-8 brushes per hour, depending on the number of bristles the brush has. The company uses all natural materials: handles are usually made of oak, beech, or birch, while bristles are often made of horsehair, Tampico fiber, goat hair, or piassava (bass) fibers. About 30 members work together to craft each brush by hand, using century old Swedish construction techniques.


4.5 inches long x 5.5 inches wide
(11.5 cm x 14.1 cm)

Bristles: Horsehair
Handle & Dustpan: Beech wood
Wiring: Stainless Steel Wire

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