Canadian Ash Wood Toboggan

Steam bent Ash Wood toboggan with air-dried wood slats for flexibility. Constructed with screws rather than staples for durability (and more runs down the hill). Hand-assembled in Canada. Pairs with our waxed canvas and wool felt pad. (more info)

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Canadian Ash Wood Toboggan - Kaufmann Mercantile

These hand-finished toboggans are made from Canadian Ash Wood trees that have been naturally air-dried – as opposed to kiln-dried – over the course of a year. This slow drying process saves energy, but also lends the wood slats a pliant flexibility that is ideal for maneuvering your toboggan through the snow. The dried wood slats are hand-assembled by a craftsman who puts every single piece into place using steel screws, not the typical, easily dislodged staples – giving this toboggan a longer life span. 

The toboggan pairs with our waxed canvas and wool felt pad (which can also be purchased on its own). For this KM exclusive, we used 10.10 ounce waxed canvas for the shell and 100% eco felt filling. The border edging is made with natural cotton webbing. All materials sourced from the U.S.A. Handcrafted in New York by a leatherworker.

Use & Care

Just as your hardwood floors expand and contract over the course of seasons, at times the spacing between the toboggan slats will increase. This should be expected, particularly if you live in a dry climate.

During non-snowy seasons, your toboggan should be stored in a cool environment. You may store the piece on its side, but be sure to place it on wooden blocks, not directly on a hard floor. The toboggan may also be hung overhead, with support in several places along its length to prevent sagging. You may also stand the toboggan upright against a wall. Never store near a furnace and do not expose the toboggan to overly dry or hot conditions.

The performance of your toboggan can be improved by waxing the running surface. Wax directly over the factory-applied, water-based sealer while toboggan is completely dry. A paraffin wax is recommended, available at most hardware stores. Rub the paraffin over the toboggan’s running surface. After applying the wax, rub vigorously with a piece of cork. This will help work the wax into the wood. Reapply as necessary. Waxes from ski shops are also appropriate.  There are numerous products formulated for varying snow conditions and all are sold with instructions.

As with any sport and outdoor activity, use caution when operating this toboggan. Always slide in an area free of obstacles and traffic, and avoid icy conditions as your toboggan might be difficult to maneuver. Never tow with a motorized vehicle. Wear a helmet!

The toboggan pad attaches with ties. Once you've hit the hill, allow the pad to completely dry before storing.

Production & Design

The company behind this toboggan was founded in 1995 by a family that continues to run all daily operations. The products are created in a sawmill and are conceived for fun in the snow and warmer months, including toboggans, sleighs and cedar furniture for porches and picnics.

Sawyers cut and lay the lumber out to dry over the course of a year along the Conestoga River in northwest Canada. The family business behind this toboggan has a great respect for the surrounding forests and is careful to maintain good forestry practices, earning a Forest Stewardship Council Certification in the process.

Skilled craftsmen take the cured wood and use steam and specialty machinery to bend the wood slats. The assembler screws the pieces together, and the finished toboggan goes on to a final sanding for a smooth surface. Each toboggan is then dipped in a water-based sealer. 


67 inches long x 15 ½ inches wide

Canadian Ash Wood

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