Canvas Tool Bag

Heavy duty canvas with a 12-guage steel frame at the opening. Top grain leather bottom, handles and buckle straps. Reinforced with starred rivets. Made in Maywood, California. (more info)

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Canvas Tool Bag - Kaufmann Mercantile

Originally designed to fill with the wrought iron tools of masonry and hauled by hard working hands, this bag is still widely used by contractors, masons and steel workers. It's been built in such a time-tested, utilitarian and simple way that you’ll still find it carrying tools, but also the cloth of craft makers, the laptops of businessmen, and the weekend packs of weekenders, all on the same 5 o’clock train. The attractiveness of this carry-all bag may be an afterthought to it’s strength, utility and durability, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at it.

Made in California using top grain Mexican leather, heavy duty canvas and nickel-plated hardware. A few design specifications that have worked for a century give this carry-all its simple, sound structure and remarkable strength.

The opening of the bag is lined with 12-gauge steel that’s attached with starred rivets. This keeps the canvas from bucking or sagging and makes sure that it opens wide, so you don’t have to hunt blindly with your hands to grab what you need. The base of the bag is kept sturdy with top grain cowhide leather and double-stitched with thick nylon thread for a stable and durable base. Four metal studs at the bottom keep it off the floor.

Natural colored, heavy duty canvas make up the body of the bag and will age with charming subtleties in color and character as the fabric wears in. Being a hefty bag first designed for workers, it has the bonus of taking to stains—dirt, grease, whatever you can throw at it—in a way a bag made of lesser materials would not.

The straps and handles are top grain saddle leather, supple but strong, pleasing to the touch, and won’t stain. The buckles are nickel-plated steel.

Use & Care

There are no fancy pockets, pouches or slits you'll never use. No hidden corners to search through. This bag was originally designed to hold the heaviest of handheld tools and will carry what you pack into it with a charming level of simplicity and a utility worker's sense of purpose.  

It will comfortably carry supplies for any variety of roles, including but not limited to: clothing, computer and toiletries for a short trip; cloth and supplies for sewing or crafting; books, binders, technology and texts for the office minded; art supplies for any number of mediums; even pots, pans and knives for the moonlighting, ever-particular chef. 

Production & Design

Working together since 2000, Jesus Munoz and Gustavo Gonzalez paired their decades of leather-working expertise with a shared passion for old work values and a traditional standard for quality. These bags are manufactured using time tested materials that are all inspected by hand to ensure that each element of the bag is not only tough as nails, but ready to go for the long haul.  


16 inches W x 14 inches H x 6 inches D
(40.64 cm W x 35.56 cm H x 15.24 cm D)

- #10 heavy duty canvas
- Top grain leather bottom, handles and straps
- Nickel-plated rivets and feet
- 12-gauge metal frame at opening

Made in 
  • USA
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