Denim & Canvas Waterproofing Wax

Make your own waxed canvas. All-natural bar that waterproofs your canvas bags, jeans, sneakers and jackets. Available in 2.25 ounce and 5 ounce bars. Made in Portland, Oregon. (more info)

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Denim & Canvas Waterproofing Wax - Kaufmann Mercantile

Makes your clothes into heavy duty, waterproofed work wear. Use this Otter Wax (inspired by and named after the playful critters, not made from them) to waterproof and preserve your old canvas bag, your best hat, your sturdy work coat, canvas sneakers, trusted denim jacket, or favorite pair of jeans.

The wax won’t leave a residue or make your clothes feel oily—just stiffer and stronger, and the water will bead at the surface, unable to penetrate.

The larger bar can help you tackle bigger projects, such as waterproofing an entire pair of jeans.

The idea of waterproofing an article of clothing isn’t new, but most waterproofing substances use petroleum distillates, oil refinery by-products and silicone to get the job done, making things oily, stinky or bad for the environment. Otter Wax was invented in the home kitchen of a man who was looking for a sustainable, renewable way to waterproof his best clothes.

Use & Care

Works best on natural fabrics. Use this on canvas, denim, cotton and wool. Try it out on anything, but keep in mind that synthetic and synthetically treated fabrics don't let the wax absorb as well. You'll know that the wax isn't absorbing into the fabrics if it flakes off once it dries.   

Always test an inconspicuous corner by rubbing a bit of wax on to make sure you'll like the effect on the whole garment.

Brush off the article to remove debris and dust, then go over it with a lint roller to make sure you got everything.

Rub on a thin layer of wax evenly until it darkens the fabric. You'll want to rub vigorously (the heat from the friction helps the wax and fabric bond), but don't be over-zealous with application, you don't need a thick layer to get the job done.

When using it on shoes and hats, use the edge of the bar to reach tight corners and smooth out the wax with your fingers. On larger articles, like jackets and jeans, lay them out on a table and apply the wax in long, smooth strokes. Make sure you get the seams and folds.

You can blow dry the surface on low to soften the wax and let it absorb into the fabric, but this step is optional.

Hang the article in a cool, dry place for 24 hours to let it cure. After that, it's ready to wear. If there is a slight tackiness, it will absorb within a few days. Or you can use a rag to take off excess wax.

Production & Design

Otter Wax is made with entirely natural ingredients that's been sustainably, renewably and humanely derived. The bar contains beeswax and a secret mix of plant-based oils.

Maker Chris Chase was determined to find a natural way to waterproof and preserve his favorite jackets, sneakers and gear and went through extensive experiments in his kitchen in rainy Oregon until he was satisfied that he was not only serving the needs of his clothing, but those of the environment too.


Regular: 2.25 ounces
Extra-large: 5 ounces

All-natural ingredients
- Beeswax
- Secret mix of plant-based oils

- Heavy duty waterproofing

- Canvas bags and shoes
- Denim pants and jackets
- Cotton
- Duck cloth
- Cloth work gloves

Made in
Portland, Oregon  
  • USA
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