Carbon Steel Flathead Screwdrivers

Handmade flathead carbon steel screwdrivers with beechwood handles. Suitable for any slot screw jobs. Made by a family company in Sheffield, England, a town known for its centuries of metal and steel work. Comes in 6, 5, 4, and 3.25 inch sizes. (more info)

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Carbon Steel Flathead Screwdrivers - Kaufmann Mercantile

In South Yorkshire, England, the city of Sheffield sits divided by the River Sheaf. It wasn't always a booming industrial town, but around the mid 1700s some brilliant folks showed up to invent crucible steel and steam power. By the end of the 18th century, Sheffield became one of the main industrial cities, fueled by its access to local iron, coal and water power supplied by local rivers. Metallurgy and steel were the top two industries, and that's why Sheffield is currently home to a 200 year old scissor manufacturer and some of the oldest knife makers in the world. 

These screwdrivers come out of Sheffield's first industry for steel - toolmaking. Finished with smooth, rounded beechwood handles in the style of traditional cabinet screwdrivers (or turnscrews), the screwdrivers have strong steel shanks with flattened tips capable of driving slotted screws into drywall or wood. All parts of the screwdrivers are useful for any means of building or taking apart. They're handmade by a family of Sheffielders who have worked in the industry for over 50 years.

The screwdrivers come in four sizes, each appropriately sized for the size of screw they will turn.

Like the syrup from Vermont or the textiles from India, a steel hand tool from Sheffield has an indefinable goodness about it that comes from decades of production, and the refinement that comes from producing and inspecting products many, many times. The manufacturer is so sure of their quality standard they offer a lifetime guarantee.

Use & Care

The biggest mistake people make when they're using a screwdriver is selecting the wrong one for the job. Just a general truth: use Flathead screwdrivers for slot screws, Phillips head for cross-recess screws. Don't be the guy who gets that part wrong.

As for what size to use, that all depends on the size of the screw you're working with. How long the handle is depends on how much torque you need.

These screwdrivers are classified as "Cabinet Screwdrivers" which have a thinner shaft, making them better for reaching screws in deep holes without damaging the surrounding wood. The blade is also straight, not tapered.

There's an unconditional warranty against faulty workmanship and materials, so if you have any problems the manufacturer will replace any screwdriver with a brand new one free of charge.

Production & Design

A Sheffield, England manufacturer with over 50 years' experience in manufacturing hand tools produce these high comfort, high heat treated carbon steel screwdrivers. The steel is made right in the UK and the beech wood for the handles comes from Germany and is turned and lacquered in England. The blades of the drivers are hand forged, hardened and tempered by specialists in a single factory. The handles are then machine turned for a smoothness and design that's comfortable to grip.



11 inches long x 6 inch shaft x 1 inch blade x 3/8 inch tip
(28 cm x 15 cm x 2.54 cm x 0.95 cm)

10 inches long x 5 inch shaft x 1 inch blade x  3/8 inch tip
(25.4 cm x 12.7 cm x 2.54 cm x 0.95 cm)

8 inches long x 4 inch shaft x  1 inch blade x 1/4 inch tip
(20 cm x 10 cm x 2.54 cm x 0.64 cm)

7.25 inches long x 3.25 inch shaft x 0.5 inch blade x 1/4 inch tip
(18.4 cm x 8.25 cm x 1.27 cm x 0.64 cm)

Carbon steel blade, tempered & hardened
German Bbeechwood handle

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