Ceramic Coffee Dripper (White)

Ceramic coffee dripper fits on top of your cup or teapot for brewing coffee. Side vents allow you to guage the level of brew. Holds one cup of liquid or 2-4 demitasse cups. Uses #2 or #4 size cone filters. Made in Japan. (more info)

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Ceramic Coffee Dripper (White) - Kaufmann Mercantile

The ceramic dripper features a wedge-shape filter cone with ribs on the inner wall, that help balance the coffee-water ratio as hot water is being poured over the top. The two small holes in the bottom of the cone through which coffee flows encourage a slower drain, and permit a coarser grind than other cone drips.

The uniqueness of this particular wedge shaped brewer is with the vertical ridges along the bottom portion, and the two open vents that allow you to watch the level of brew to avoid overfilling.

Those who swear by the ceramic dripper insist it's in part because of the smallness of the cone. The smaller dripper size the better, because the distance water travels through the coffee bed will be shorter, allowing for a gentler, more even and consistent pour.

The typical three minute brew time of the Ceramic Dripper helps bring out more sweet and subtle flavors in the coffee, as well as produces a cup with higher notes.

Champion Andy Sprenger of Ceremony Coffee Roasters in Annapolis, MD explained in an article comparing drip cone methods, "I've brewed many cups on the varieties of drip cones and think they are fine, but I still get my most flavorful, pure and evenly extracted brews out of a Beehouse." 

Use & Care

Definitely use a scale and pour out 16 mL of water for each gram of coffee used to brew. The brew time should be about 3 minutes for a 22 gram of coffee/360 mL brew.

1. Place the dripper on top of a cup. The mouth of the cup needs to be less than 3.5 inches in diameter. Standard mugs might not pair well with this and you might need to use a more svelte cup.

2. Boil the water and then wet the filter paper that's already placed into the dripper. 

3. Grind the beans using a grinder on medium fine settings.

4. Pre-wet the grinds with water from a tea kettle and wait 30 seconds. 

5. Pour in the rest of the water by starting the pour from the center of the dripper and in a circular motion going out but not touching the sides. This is the zen part. Move the water in a circular motion and try to control the flow creating perfect circles.

6. Wait for the drip to complete which is approximately 3 minutes

7. Sip.

Production & Design

This was one of the first drippers to be embraced by specialty coffeehouses in America. All ceramic products from this manufacturer are made in Japan.


3 1/2 inches Deep x 4 1/2 inches Wide
Holds 1 cup liquid

Black or White

Medium grind


Made in
  • USA
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