Coccoina Potato Starch Paper Glue

Italian paper glue. Ideal for photos, paper, and clothes. Non-toxic. Made from just four ingredients. Comes with tiny applicator brush in a 4.4 ounce (125 g) aluminum tin. Made in Italy since 1927. (more info)


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Coccoina Potato Starch Paper Glue - Kaufmann Mercantile


When Coccoina, the solid white glue in the aluminum tin, was first introduced, Italian commercials promoted the trademark with this campaign: "It is not a drug but a solid glue that amazes and arouses enthusiasm in all who use it.” One of the principle features of the glue was that, aside from its adhesive quality and light almond scent, you could safely eat it.

A thin spread of the glue works well on paper, photos, clothes, labels, and any art project you can get your hands on, and perhaps the most welcome feature is the tiny brush that comes tucked away inside. Any surface where you need a smooth spread of paste can be achieved with this miniature aluminum paintbrush and its tiny bristles of pig hair.  It leaves no clumps that need to be smoothed with a finger.

Though the glue is considered a solid, it has a consistency that's neither wet nor dry, and the container provides mess-free use and storage that lasts up to a year.


It's safe for children too. Not that they should eat the stuff, but if they do, NBD. All the ingredients are non-toxic, solvent-free, and not dangerous.

Use & Care

Use this glue on any paper-related task, from keeping photos together in an album to scrapbooking to pasting receipts for accounting records.

If the glue hardens a bit in its tin, it's easy to soften up again. You can scoop it out and gently heat in a saucepan with a small amount of water. When it's slightly liquid, pour it back into the tin, and when it sets, it will be good as new, without any effect on the adhesive quality.


For longer usage, replace the cap tightly after each application. Maximum period of storage should not exceed 12 months.

"This is the glue that works in my office..." -Coccoina Advertisement

Production & Design

Potato starch, the base ingredient in this paste, comes from the root tubers of the potato plant, the leucoplasts. It's the stuff of gluten-free recipes and Kosher foods for Passover, extracted by crushing potatoes and releasing the starch grains from the destroyed cells. The high viscosity and low gelatinisation temperature make potato starch complementary to glue.  Glycerine, the second main ingredient, is odorless, colorless, and soluble with water. It tastes sweet and is used as the thickening agent in this paste.

The ingredients for the glue all come from Europe. The tin container and brush are made of European aluminum, and manufactured in Italy in the company's production plants in Voghera.


4.4 ounces (125 g)

Jar: Aluminum
Brush: Aluminum
Brush Bristles: Pig hair

Water (55-60%)
Dextrin from Potato Starch (35-40%)
Glycol monopropylene (1.46%)
Glycerin (0.88%)

Hazard: Not Hazardous
Nature of Special Risks: None
Safety Advice: None
National Regulations: None
Water hazard class: Generally not hazardous.

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