Crystal & Pewter Double Rocks Glass

10 oz. double rocks glass made of fine crystal and pewter, fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Comes with three hallmarks indicating the factory where the glass was made, the designer, and the percentage of tin in the pewter alloy. Handmade in Italy. (more info)

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Crystal & Pewter Double Rocks Glass - Kaufmann Mercantile

This rocks glass, otherwise known as an Old Fashioned glass, fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Made through a comprehensive artisanal process, it’s a glass any Scotch savant can appreciate.

First cast by a pewter artisan, the pewter bottom is then passed to another craftsman who polishes and refines the cast, taking off any burrs and other residuals. The crystal glass is then attached to the pewter by an ultraviolet process, which cures and matures the adhesive, allowing it to set and permanently adhere.

The result is a meticulous, human-made object, as gorgeous as Lake Maggiore. When you drink from this glass, it feels dignified, and special.

The bottom of the glass is marked with three stamps, signifying, from left to right: the trademark of the workshop in Northern Italy where the glass was made, the lion, the emblem of the American importer, and the 95, indicating the high percentage of tin in the pewter alloy. 

Use & Care

To keep your crystal double rocks glass alive and well for generations, wash by hand - never in the dishwasher. Use only mild detergent and a lint-free cloth for drying. When cleaning the pewter bottom, also use a mild detergent, and be sure and dry thoroughly. If left wet, the drops will leave a mark.

When washing by hand, it's smart to use a rubber mat in the sink bottom, just in case your hands are slippery and the glass drops. Use only warm water and rinse with warm water. Quick changes in temperature can cause cracking and clouding. If you let the glasses air dry and then try to dry them you might end up with streaks or smears.

Production & Design

It was in the midst of his work as a product buyer and design director that David Reiss fell in love with pewter, years before he ever started his own company. On a business trip in Italy, touring the region of Lombardy and learning about the artisanal spirit still alive and well there, pewter caught his eye as a truly soulful material. It had a unique beauty and tradition that to David really stood apart. 

Seventeen years later, he is the owner of the first company to introduce Italian pewter to the American market. He designs 99% of the pewter and crystal products that are handmade in Northern Italy using pre-Renaissance methods, then sold through his company in Jersey City, NJ. His appreciation for the tradition of artisanship in Italy stands out in each of the products he designs, products he says are modeled after 17th to 19th century pewter, wares which have been captured readily in still life art from those centuries.

His pewter products carry up to four unique hallmarks: the mark of the factory in Italy that produced the piece; the "M" for David’s company, Match; 95, for both the year the company was formed and the percentage of tin in the pewter alloy; and last, the lion emblem, the company logo.  


10 ounce glass SIZE
3.8” H x 3.7” Diameter MATERIALS
glass: Italian crystal
base: pewter MADE IN 
Handmade in Italy Also available in the Crystal & Pewter Collection:  Crystal & Pewter Shot Glass Pewter Cocktail Shaker Pewter Double-Sided Jigger
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