Crystal & Pewter Highball Glass

6.4" high, 9 ounce crystal highball cocktail glass with heavy, hand cast pewter bottom, stamped with the touchmark of the pewter artisans that crafted it. Handmade in Italy. (more info)

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Crystal & Pewter Highball Glass - Kaufmann Mercantile

Shorter than a Collins glass, taller than an Old Fashioned tumbler, the highball glass is used to serve mixed drinks and the classic Highball cocktail: drinks that have juice or mixer, and are typically 45-50% alcohol. 

In Mexico, the margarita is made with 1 ½ ounces of tequila, ½ ounce of orange-flavored liqueur and a dash of fresh lime juice shaken and poured with ice into a specialized, stemmed margarita glass, or straight up, without ice, in a highball glass, salt on the rim.

To make a highball cocktail:

Fill a glass 2/3 full with ice. Use an ice scoop or your hands, never use the glass. Pour in one jigger of liquor. Note: some bars save money by pouring 1 oz. instead of a whole jigger. Pour mixer to the top. If the mixer is noncarbonated, stir it, or stick a straw in it and let the drinker stir. If it’s carbonated, the bubbles do the stirring for it. Garnish, if necessary.

Use & Care

To keep your crystal highball glasses alive and well for generations, be sure and store them where they won’t touch other items, and make sure never to place them upside down, as it can put stress on the rim, which is very delicate.

Be careful not to carry more than one glass in the same hand, as a simple clink can sometimes have a heavy impact. If your crystal breaks and you can save it, use a clear-drying epoxy that was made just for glass and glue it back together. Then set in the sun for a bit to help the bonding process.

When cleaning the glass, use only mild detergent and a lint-free cloth for drying. When cleaning the pewter bottom, also use a mild detergent, and be sure and dry thoroughly. If left wet, the drops will leave a mark.

The glasses are not safe for the dishwasher. When washing by hand, use a rubber mat in the sink bottom, just in case your hands are slippery and the glass drops. Use only warm water and rinse with warm water. Quick changes in temperature can cause cracking and clouding. If you let the glasses air dry and then try to dry them you might end up with streaks or smears.

Production & Design

David Reiss is the founder of Match, the manufacturer that has brought this glass, and a number of other Italian crystal and pewter products, to the U.S. He fell in love with the old soul of pewter on a trip to Lombardia, and felt the pewter and crystal products he observed abroad were exceptional in quality and aesthetic, different from what was then available in the United States.

His 17 year old company is the first to bring this very same Italian pewter to the American market. Every one of his products is handmade in Lombardia, FDA approved, food safe and contains no lead. 



3.2” long x 3.2” wide x 6.4” high Materials
Crystal glass 

Made In

Key Points
Handmade in Italy
- Not dishwasher safe  
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