DeWit Garden Tool Set

Sharp-edged shovel, cultivator and dibber set. Welded, hand-forged steel and sturdy ash wood handles. Made in the Netherlands by a century-old family company. Lifetime warranty. (more info)

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DeWit Garden Tool Set - Kaufmann Mercantile

Plant seeds, dig holes and claw out tenacious roots with the dibber, trowel and cultivator made by a 100-year old company set in a small town in the Netherlands.

The trowel, cultivator and dibber are made of Swedish hand-forged boron steel. They're all sturdy and the shovel features a sharp edge from top to bottom, made to slice through soil and easing the frustrations of gardeners.

The ash wood handles are all made in Slovakia, just off the Ukraine border, with only the most durable Forest Stewardship Council-approved wood (meaning that it isn’t from protected forests). It’s a tough, strong wood but also elastic and easy on the hands.

The wooden handles from Slovakia and the Swedish-made roll-forged steel is then crafted into tools by the Dewit blacksmiths using trade secrets loyally kept since 1893. Despite the advancements in the functionality of the tools over thousands of conversations with gardeners, they still have the classic beauty of an antique, much like the original tools produced in the early days of the company’s existence.

Use & Care

The trowel digs into tight spots, but use a spade for bigger holes that need digging.

The dibber makes small holes to plant seeds, seedlings, or bulbs. If making a large hole, swirl the dibber after plunging it into earth.

Use the cultivator to rip out weeds and grass roots out of the soil.

Despite the black patina slicked onto the steel parts to give them a long life, oil your tools and keep them nice and clean, that way they won't rust. Remember to bring in your tools in case it rains.

They're sharp-- be careful to not hurt yourself or others.

All Dewit tools come with a lifetime warranty. If anything should happen to one of your tools, send a photo of the damaged tool to Kaufmann Mercantile and we'll send you a replacement. 

Production & Design

The sharp steel on the tools is made from boron, a chemical compound known for it's durable strength. The steel is roll forged in Sweden using a heavy bar to weld the steel into the thickness and length needed. It is then sent to the Dewit family factory, where the blacksmith will sharpen all edges of the steel to give it just the right sharpness to easily slice into even the most stubborn soil. It is then assembled into the Slovakian ash wood harvested from government-approved forests and they're ready to dig, pierce, and weed.

The company's factory is in Kornhorn, a small village near the city of Groningen in the north of Holland. The company has remained in the picturesque Dutch village since its beginning on the first day of April 1898, when Willem de Wit started his blacksmith company. Four generations later the time-honored tradition continues, updating their classic tool designs over the years based on the concerns of the gardeners they design their products for. 


Small Garden Shovel
Length: 13'', Blade size: 6'' x 3 '', Weight: 9 oz

3-Tine Garden Cultivator
Length: 11'', Head size: 3.5'' x 3'', Weight: 6.5 oz

Garden Dibber
Length: 12.5'', Head size: 4.5'' x 1'', Weight: 8 oz

Hand-forged boron steel, ash wood handle

Made in
The Netherlands

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