Double-Sided Beechwood Dog Brush

All-natural, double sided dog brush. One side is made from soft animal hair and the other of beech wood pins that nourish and condition your pooch's coat. Comes with a hole on the handle for convenient storage. Made in Germany. (more info)

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Double-Sided Beechwood Dog Brush - Kaufmann Mercantile

This dog brush is double sided, for dogs with fine and long coats.  The side made of beechwood pin bristles is great for fine hair, to condition and massage your pooch's coat gently, keeping it matte free and restoring luster without pulling the scalp. The soft bristles on the other side are suited for short or long coats, for conditioning and softening. 

The beechwood handle - a medium to heavyweight wood known for its strength and abrasion resistance - is smooth and long enough (about 5 inches in length) to comfortably grip, with a little hole at its tip for hanging. 

The great thing about the bristles of this brush is that they don't produce electricity, so no more static hair for your dog.  On top of that, Redecker included a tiny outline of a cute puppy on the handle for a darling reminder of who the brush is for.

Use & Care

For dogs with fine, supershort hair, the wood pins will massage and smooth the scalp, as well as help get rid of excess shedding. Carefully brush through hair until you and Fido are satisfied. Then switch to the horse haired side, with the same motion, and soften the surface.

Caring for this dog brush is a lot like caring for your hair.  Use lukewarm water and a mild shampoo, then wrap it in a towel.  The bristles will dry out if you use a heater, so let air dry outside or at room temperature.  When it's dry, gently brush out with a metal comb.  Store on a metal hook or lay flat.

The handle is made of beechwood and relatively non-porous.  Items made of beechwood can take a lot of wear and resist chipping-so don't worry about getting slivers while using your dog brush.

Production & Design

When Friedrich Redecker (senior) became blind at the age of four, his parents enrolled him in the Soest school for the blind.  There, he began mastering the skill of hand crafting brushes, a standard trade for the blind. 

Redecker filled his life with love and was an avid player of chess, actively involved in several associations in North Rhine Westphalia.  His seriously driven, entrepreneurial spirit allowed him to quickly build up a small company, providing for his wife and three sons.  But keeping the family name alive and running with Redecker brushes wasn't easy, even despite having passed the trade down to children and grandchildren.  

Redecker kept the company up until his death at age 72.  At that time, his sons had all gone in different directions and had no real intentions of carrying the family business on, but when Friedrich died in 1986, his youngest son, Gernot, decided to work off the current material on a short-term basis.  Gernot and his wife went to the pollack festival in Borgholzhausen to sell off the brooms and brushes.  Not expecting so much success and selling out during the first weekend, the Redeckers decided to order more material, leading to the Redecker brush makers continuation.  

Sale success and market sellouts thrived and the Redeckers turned their house into a giant workstation, converting the living room into an office and the cellar into a production workhouse.  Upon hiring their first employees, the company had a celebratory lunch in their kitchen.  From there, they have expanded to a renovated barn, and then to a newly built office building with surrounding warehouses.

An interview published in Gebuerstet, Redecker's brush magazine, in early 2009, announced that the third generation has been secured with Felix Redecker.  Felix noted that, though the company take-over has always been a topic of discussion in the household, he was glad that his parents, Gernot and Jutta, had never made the decision seem like an obligation.  After the interview, Jutta noted that when Felix was only eleven years old, he frequently accompanied his father on visits to suppliers and customers, taking notes like a regular Redecker businessman.  


4 inch handle
5 inch brush head

Smooth eechwood handle
Light wood pin bristles

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