Dovo 3-piece Nail Kit

Nickel-galvanized hardened steel clippers, tweezers and steel nail file tucked away in a black leather sheath. Guaranteed for life. Made in Solingen, Germany, by a 100-year-old company. (more info)

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Dovo 3-piece Nail Kit - Kaufmann Mercantile

You may not get daily compliments on clean, well-cut nails, but the minute you let them go to dirty little bitten down nubs, they will be the first thing prospective employers, clients and mother-in-laws will notice about you. Unless you’re a 12-year-old boy at camp, keep your nails clean and tidy.

This kit comes with super sharp steel clippers that trim your nails with a satisfying snap. A steel nail file smooths out the edges after a cut, and since you’re cleaning yourself up nice already: a pair of tweezers for removing those glaring stray hairs.

The case is black cowhide leather with a flap closure.

The pieces of this kit are several orders of magnitude better than their 99-cent store counterparts. The clippers are hot-forged and made in Solingen, Germany, a former sword-making capital of Europe — where it is still against the law to make a bad blade. The cutting edges score 48° HRC on the Rockwell Hardness scale, harder (and therefore, sharper) than your standard axe.

Dovo knows their metal, and have the reputation of making the best grooming tools in Germany. The tweezers are good and stiff and the nail file is scored to get the job done with as little time and fuss as possible.

Use & Care

We're sure that you know how to use nail clippers, so we'll just note that these tools are difficult to damage as long as you're using them as intended. If break somehow, Dovo guarantees its products for life. When necessary, blade sharpening or repair should be done by a professional.

The cowhide leather has been treated, and is tough enough to withstand getting wet, so rest assured that if you drop it into a full sink, leave it in a steamy bathroom, or take it out into the rain, it will still look good. 

Production & Design

Nail grooming only became a "thing" in the 1950s, when men would go to barber shops and get a cut, shave, shoe shine and manicure, mostly in England and the highfalutin parts of New York. Around the same time, car enamel was invented and housewives repurposed tiny quantities of it for themselves, something inexpensive to put on and feel like Rita Hayworth with her long, rounded red nails. 

Dovo, a 100-year-old company that started out just making straight razors, got into the nail grooming industry in the 1960s, but being perfectionists, have been making the best quality, sharpest little clippers in the game.


– Treated black leather pouch
– Clippers
– Tweezers
– Steel nail file

Nickel-galvanized hardened steel
Cowhide leather

Made in 
Solingen, Germany 
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