EDC Brass LED Key Chain Flashlight

Twist-on flashlight with glass lens provides high light output ranging from 65 to 235 lumens. Loop hole top can be unscrewed from key chain for quick access. Measures 3 ¾ inches. Made by a family business in the U.S. (more info)

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EDC Brass LED Key Chain Flashlight - Kaufmann Mercantile

At just over three inches in length, this pocket carry brass flashlight is barely bigger than a house key. Keep it with you as part of your Every Day Carry and you’ll never be left in the dark, as this small but powerful device delivers a brightness from 65 to 235 lumens of light output. (For reference, your cellphone flashlight app emits 10 to 45 lumens and a typical camping headlamp ranges from about 35 to 90 lumens.) It is powered with a simple twist-on and -off mechanism, which adjusts from a dim glow to the brightest possible gauge.

The brass flashlight is compatible with Alkaline AAA, Lithium AAA, NiMH rechargeable batteries or 3.7 Volt Lithium Ion Rechargeable 10440 (the flashlight will be most efficient and shine brightest with the latter). The positive battery contacts are made of solid brass, and all the openings and parts of the flashlight are sealed with O-rings for water resistance.

The company that produces this product specializes solely in creating high performance LED flashlights. All parts are created in their Arizona facilities using in-house metalworking machines.

Use & Care

Turn on the flashlight by tightening the head. Continue to tighten for full output and loosen to reduce output. Loosen completely to deactivate. The flashlight is powered with Quantum Tunneling Composite (QTC), which creates power through compression and conduction at pressure sensors when you turn the head.

Change the battery by unscrewing the head, removing the used battery and installing the new one with the negative end into the battery compartment. Occasionally wipe down and lubricate the threads and O-rings with clear silicon grease to ensure that all electrical contacts are clean for best light output. 

Compatible for use with Standard Alkaline AAA, Lithium AAA and Rechargeable NiMH, but will achieve maximum output and the brightest light with a 3.7v Li-Ion Rechargeable 10440 battery.

Not recommended for use by children. To prevent eye damage, never look directly into the light.

Production & Design

This small family flashlight business – made up of a mother, her sons, their extended family and some close friends, if extra hands are needed – started in 2004, but its genesis goes back to a manufacturing company, begun in 1974. At that time, the family did some work for the aerospace industry, making screws and other small parts for the International Space Station. In 2001, a private client wanted to produce some LED flashlights. That initial order evolved to become the current business, with varying types of flashlights all made in the U.S.A. from American materials.

Further Reading

Further Reading:

“How to Use a Tactical Flashlight” The Art of Manliness.


3 ¾ inches long (9.5 cm) 
½ inch wide (1.3 cm)


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