EDC Rotary LED Flashlight (250 Lumens)

Aluminum flashlight with silver bezel and glass lens. Press and hold at any time for 250 lumens. Double and triple-click for emergency and tactical strobes. Waterproof to 66 feet. (more info)

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  • EDC Rotary LED Flashlight (250 Lumens) - Kaufmann Mercantile1
  • EDC Rotary LED Flashlight (250 Lumens) - Kaufmann Mercantile2
  • EDC Rotary LED Flashlight (250 Lumens) - Kaufmann Mercantile3
  • EDC Rotary LED Flashlight (250 Lumens) - Kaufmann Mercantile4
EDC Rotary LED Flashlight (250 Lumens) - Kaufmann Mercantile

At just about 3.7 inches in length, keep this flashlight with you as part of your Everyday Carry and you’ll never be left in the dark. This small but powerful flashlight delivers a brightness variable from 0.02 to 250 lumens of light output with a push of a button and a turn of the rotary mechanism. (For reference, your cellphone flashlight app puts out about 10-45 lumens and a typical camping headlamp ranges about 35-90 lumens.) The high speed (tactical) strobe on this type of light is best used for warning traffic or identification purposes. On this type of light, maximum is what you would use for self defense because it is instantly available. With a double-click, a blinking emergency strobe is activated. A triple-click turns on the pulsating tactical strobe, meant to disorient or cause temporary vision impairment in an adversary.

All the electronics in the flashlight are potted (embedded into an aerospace compound to protect against vibration and water) for reliability in the most extreme conditions. The glass lens is nearly unbreakable, and treated with an anti-reflective coating to maximize light output and decrease reflection.

Use & Care

Turn on the flashlight by pushing the on-off button at the tail cap. Adjust brightness with rotary mechanism surrounding tail cap.

Compatible with single use and rechargeable Lithium-ion 123 batteries.

To change the battery, unscrew the battery compartment from the head and remove the old battery. Insert the new battery into the battery compartment with the positive terminal out. Align the head and battery compartment, press them together to overcome the spring pressure and screw the battery compartment and head back together.

As you screw them together and if the battery compartment has been removed for an extended period, your flashlight comes on dimly for seven seconds following a battery change to indicate that a reset has taken place and that your flashlight is functioning correctly. If you change the battery quickly enough, your flashlight will not reset and no reset indication will be displayed. A reset does not change any of your flashlight’s settings.

No special actions are needed to use rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. Your flashlight detects them automatically. However, if you have been using rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and want to return to using regular (non-rechargeable) batteries, you must perform a reset. The simplest way to perform a reset is to turn on your flashlight and open the battery compartment until your flashlight turns off and then replace the battery compartment. If you fail to perform a reset when returning to using non-rechargeable batteries, your flashlight will act as if the new non-rechargeable battery needs replacing – just do a reset to restore normal operation.

In general, non-rechargeable batteries provide longer runtimes. However, rechargeable batteries provide a lower cost of operation and allow you to always leave home with a full battery.

Periodically clean the open end of the battery compartment, the threads and O-ring with a clean lint-free cloth lightly moistened with isopropyl alcohol. Apply a coat of non-conductive silicon or petroleum grease to these surfaces .Replace the battery compartment O-ring if it becomes worn or damaged. O-ring is 1.5mm x 20.5mm, Buna-N durometer Nitrile 70.

The recessed electrical contacts and interior threads in the head can be cleaned using a lint-free swab lightly moistened with isopropyl alcohol. Recessed contacts and threads should be cleaned in a counter-clockwise direction to prevent snagging the swab in the threads. Be sure to remove any particles or fibers that may be left behind. Apply a coat of non-conductive silicon or petroleum grease to the interior threads and contacts.

The exterior can be cleaned with a mild soap and water. Rinse well and dry with a soft cotton cloth.

Not recommended for use by children. To prevent eye damage, never look directly into the light.

Production & Design

These guys have been designing lights since the 1970's.

Each aspect of the flashlight’s electronics and anatomy have been given due diligence when it comes to combining the highest quality materials with serious engineering and expert science.

Not to mention torture.

The folks who make this flashlight have devoted significant amounts of time to dropping it (from heights of 20 feet) and throwing it at concrete and rock surfaces (for an hour) to see if they could break it. It may come out with a few nicks on the body, but the light shines on. Make no mistake, this is one of the most technologically advanced torches on the market.

All design and assembly is done in the United States.


3.7 inches long x 1 inch wide
(9.4cm x 2 ½ cm)

Weight: 3.6oz (102g) including battery.

Aerospace-grade aluminum body
Military-grade anodized coating

Lithium 123 batteries or rechargeable lithium-ion 123 batteries

Made in
  • USA
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