Estwing Leather Handle Claw Hammer

16-ounce claw hammer made from a solid piece of steel. Beautifully balanced. Bound and lacquered leather grip. Made in Rockford, Illinois, by a century-old company. (more info)

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Estwing Leather Handle Claw Hammer - Kaufmann Mercantile

A hammer is the workhorse of any tool bench so it’s important to have a good one. The failings of flimsy, modern versions of the ancient tool includes loose construction that sends the head flying off; unevenly distributed weight that leaves the claw function woefully impotent; or inadequate shock absorption that results in even the most rugged carpenter’s hand wringing in pain.

The Estwing avoids the common pitfalls of modern hammers. Forged from a single solid piece of steel, there are no separate parts that can become dangerously unhinged. A bound leather handle absorbs shock. The steel is perfectly balanced. It’s an understated tool that hearkens to a simpler time — one of rugged craftsmanship and personal industry.

The Estwing claw hammer is a versatile tool with a singular focus. Though it is meant for the driving and drawing out of common and finishing nails, the hammer can be used in both large builds and small household projects alike. A craftsman should feel comfortable using this driving tool while framing an entire house or putting the finishing touches on a piece of handmade woodwork — the perfect sidekick for the do-it-youselfer.

Use & Care

The Estwing claw hammer is designed for impact, so use it properly to avoid putting out an eye and sustaining other injuries of force. Estwing recommends wearing eye protection, using the right tool for the job (meaning don't use a claw hammer when what you really need is a ball peen). Don't bang two hardened metal tools together and avoid glancing blows.
The forged steel should be kept clean and dry to avoid rust and a yearly application of oil goes a long way in preserving the metal. The leather handle does not require upkeep and over the life of the hammer will develop a rustic patina.

Production & Design

When Ernest O. Estwing arrived in America from Sweden a century ago, he set about providing tradesmen and craftsmen with quality smithery forged for durability and utility. The Estwing Claw Hammer was cast in this legacy: a single piece of strengthened steel from head to handle with a distinctly narrow neck. The 16-ounce smooth face head is heavy enough to drive nails quickly and its balanced weight distribution gives the claw considerable leverage.

The bound and lacquered leather handle serves as an example of how Estwing hand tools incorporate both style and function into their tool design. Composed of several small discs of leather stacked up the trunk of the tool, the ingenious construction absorbs shock and allows for a firm, comfortable grip as the hammer strikes its target. Sealed with a water-based lacquer, the grip resists the elements and over time will develop a finish the most seasoned of carpenters would appreciate.


12.5'' / 318 mm

16 ounces

Hardened steel, leather, lacqeur

Made in
Rockford, Illinois
  • USA
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