EDC Pry Bar

Multifunctional 2-inch tool. Hangs on your keychain and can pull out nails, pry open windows, open boxes and remove office and industrial staples. Much stronger than your fingertips. Made in U.S.A. (more info)

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EDC Pry Bar - Kaufmann Mercantile

This 2-inch pry bar is a thin strip of minutely crafted hardened D-9 steel. This is industrial-grade tool steel, known for holding an excellent edge and maintaining its form. With a hole on the end for your keychain, the small and unassuming pry bar will come in handy for innumerable jobs that would otherwise be frustrating or not possible at all, like lifting imbedded nails or breaking the seal on a window that’s been painted shut.

This little pry bar was originally commissioned by the U.S. Military.

Essentially a tiny crow bar, the pry bar is multipurpose to a T. Occupying less space on your keychain than a key and with a sharpened edge and tear-drop hole, it will pick, pry, score, cut, lift, and pull apart a remarkable number of things that would resist the strength of your fingernails or send you searching for something inept like a butter knife.

In our cushy modern world, the keychain has oft become a laughable assortment of useless tokens that take up space so it’ll be easier to find one’s keys when they’re lost. This is despite the fact that a keychain’s tool carrying capacity can and should be used, as it is one of the few objects you are likely to have on you regardless of what you’re wearing or what you’re doing.

The small, stout toughness of this pry bar affords its owner the chance to add a permanent piece of entirely useful metal to daily life, making a perfect EDC, or everyday carry. 

Use & Care

The curve of the metal makes prying a cinch. A groove in front provides extra leverage for getting under stubborn nails and tacks. The edge isn't so sharp that you need a sheath, so no time will be wasted fumbling with one when a box needs to be scored and pulled apart or unwanted staples, tacks and nails need ripping out. Not a shy piece of metal, the picopry will be pulled out and used in places like the office, kitchen and garage, among others.

The tear-drop hole is for deeply set nails. Slide the wide end over the head of the nail, slip it down to the narrow part, and lift.

This tough little cookie is made to break things apart and you'll find it's nearly impossible to cause it any harm.

Production & Design

This is the half-sized version based on a larger one developed by the company for U.S. military soldiers. You'd be hard pressed to find a quarter-ounce of heat-treated, hardened steel that's more multifunctional than this.

The picopry has been tried and tested in some of the world's most grueling locations.


Pry, cut, lift, score, pull apart
Remove staples
Open boxes, etc.
Tear drop hole removes deeply embedded nails
Hangs onto a keychain

2 inches (5.08 cm)

Less than 0.25 ounces

D-9 industrial grade steel

Made in
California, United States 
  • USA
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