Foldable Japanese Rubber Boots

Uniquely compactable wellies that fold down to store with ease. Soft, supple combination natural and synthetic rubber construction. For use in paddy farms or on city streets. Made in Japan. (more info)

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Foldable Japanese Rubber Boots - Kaufmann Mercantile

Paddy farming is a mucky business. Each April, much of the Japanese countryside is transformed into a patchwork of enormous puddles as farmers flood their fields in preparation for planting rice. A method of cultivation that extends back thousands of years, growing seedlings in standing water produces benefits including weed control and water conservation. It also produces a whole lot of mud.

When you’re spending all your working hours up to your shins in thick, murky ooze, you need a pair of wellies you can rely on. With space at a premium in many Japanese homes, the demand for a boot that is at once as durable as it is compactable has resulted in the sturdiest and most efficient pair of rubber boots you’ll ever own.

Put simply, these wellies are a game-changer. Their uniquely flexible, adaptable design allows you to literally roll them up and stash them away, whether slid into a desk drawer, stacked neatly in a hallway, or stowed inside your hand luggage. Sleek and low-profile to begin with, once folded down and secured with the included heavy-weight rubber band these boots will take up little more space in your bag than a pair of flats or running shoes. Mixed natural and synthetic rubber construction has resulted in an astonishingly lightweight pair of galoshes.

Use & Care

Although originally designed with farming in mind, these boots are just as much at home on city streets as in muck and mire. An expandable vent at the back of each leg opening helps you slide them on and off with ease, and can be fastened down snug with a simple buckle closure.

As with any rubber boot, it's recommended that you thoroughly rinse off your wellies after each use. A mild soap and water may be used if tougher clean-up is called for. Ideally, your boots should be allowed to dry fully before being rolled down, but feel free to give them a rub with a soft, dry cloth to speed the process. To ensure a long and happy life, store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Your boots will thank you.

Production & Design

These Japanese wellies are manufactured in a small factory in Hokkaido. Beginning their life as blocks of synthetic and natural rubber, these raw materials are then blended in a precise ratio and pressed into sheets that achieve maximum durability while remaining incredibly light weight. Individual pieces, including the soles, shafts, and buckles, are each cut and formed separately and then combined and sealed into place by hand on an aluminum mold. Finally, the boots are placed in a chamber to be pressurized and heated to 130°F (54°C), ensuring that the rubber is toughened and that all seams are fully bonded. After being given a final trim and a wipe down, every boots undergoes a water leakage test.


Ex. Men's 6/Women's 7:
- Shaft: 15 inches (38cm) tall
- Opening: expands from 6.5 inches (16.5cm) - 8.5 inches (21.6cm)
in diameter
- Heel: 0.5inches (1.3cm)

- Men's 6/Women's 7 (24cm)
- Men's 7/Women's 8 (25cm)
- Men's 8/Women's 9 (26cm)
- Men's 9/Women's 10 (27cm)


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