Furniture Paste Wax

Protects antiques and fine furniture from dirt and moisture, provides resistance to fingerprints, scratches, and water marks. Works on unfinished wood and copper too. Low odor, leaves a subtle, fresh fragrance. Made in the USA. (more info)

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Furniture Paste Wax - Kaufmann Mercantile

Wax is not a protective finish but a barrier that gives you a little more time to clean up a spill. If water is left to stand on a waxed surface, it will eventually penetrate the wax and possibly affect the finish and wood. This wax also provides a barrier between the finish and the dust cloth to resist the scratching and dulling of dust particles. The natural UV filters of the wax ward off color and finish degradation. The wax adds depth to the wood’s appearance and preserves its natural beauty.

Handmade in small batches, formulated for easy application, silicone- and oil-free, contains no turpentine, and will not dry white in wood pores. This wax creates a durable shine and leaves a subtle, pleasing fresh fragrance.

This wax can also be used for protecting copper surfaces and gently cleans, preserving and protecting their luster.

Use & Care

If necessary, clean surface first with a damp towel or use a wax and polish remover to remove old or excess wax and polish. Apply wax sparingly with Extra Fine Furniture Wool for easier buffing. Allow the wax to dry for a few minutes and then buff to desired sheen with a soft, clean cloth or furniture brush. For maximum protection and to ensure a uniform finish, apply second coat after buffing the first.

To maintain, dust and buff with a soft clean cloth. Reapply a fresh coat when there is no longer enough wax on the surface to buff to a shine.

Production & Design

Robin Richardson’s step-grandfather was a second-generation cabinetmaker, and his stepfather worked for him. Richardson’s interests lay in architecture and furniture design, particularly chairmaking, but he also helped and learned from both of them. For almost 20 years, Richardson ran a shop in the warehouse district of downtown Houston where he designed, built, restored, and conserved wood and leather. He and his employees milled, joined, finished, and upholstered all of the furniture. 

Richardson needed quality products to care for the furniture and leather in his shop, and after ordering such products from abroad for many years, he realized that he could make them himself and that other professionals and homeowners would want easier access to them as well. The first thing his clients always asked when he delivered a piece of furniture was, “How do I take care of it?” Hearing that for so many years was the inspiration for The Furniture Connoisseur.

The old European formulas that he had once used were effective but often noxious or strong-smelling or difficult to use. Richardson wanted to create furniture care that was not only suitable for an open-air furniture workshop, but also for homes, which were overwhelmed by the old products. For him, the priority is to make a product that works, using the long history and traditional knowledge he came to know, while striving to use as many natural and biodegradable ingredients possible — and where he has to make concessions for effectiveness, he makes the product as non-toxic and low odor as possible.


8 oz Materials
Proprietary blend of carnauba wax and other natural ingredients. Made in
USA WARNING: Flammable. Keep out of reach of Children. Avoid contact with skin.
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