Hand-Pressed Milk Glass Pitcher

Opaque glass pitcher with quilted diamond pattern design that dates to 1915. Individually hand-pressed from original cast iron molds. Holds 5 cups. Made in Ohio since 1959. (more info)

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Hand-Pressed Milk Glass Pitcher - Kaufmann Mercantile

The design of this pitcher dates to 1915, and it is made using original molds from that era acquired by the Mosser glass company of Ohio. The quilted diamond pattern on the side of the pitcher, called English Hobnail, was manufactured by the Westmoreland Glass Company of Pennsylvania from 1915 to 1940. The base of the pitcher is imprinted with a radial starburst pattern, which will peak out at you whenever a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade or cool iced tea is poured. The pitcher can also serve as a unique vase for cut flowers. 

This pitcher is made of an opaque pressed glass also known as “milk glass” because of its color. Opaque glass was first invented in Venice in the 16th-century and came in many different colors. To create the opaque color, a chemical compound known as an “opacifier” is added to the glass solution.

In the United States, the glassware gained widespread visibility during the Great Depression. Collectibles were placed as giveaways in cereal boxes. As an incentive to promote sales, the glassware was also given away at movie theaters with the purchase of a ticket.

Use & Care

To preserve the longevity of the glassware, hand wash only. Do not place in dishwasher. Not for use in microwave.

Production & Design

Tom Mosser first gained insight into the glass business as a child. His father, Orie, was plant manager of the famed Cambridge Glass Company, an imprint that continues to be much sought after to this day by glass collectors. Glassware was an important component of the financial development of Cambridge, Ohio, and had been implemented in the city starting in 1901. Tom began to work at the plant as a teenager, and when Cambridge Glass closed in 1954, he knew he wanted to start up a new glass business. It took him five years to gain the capital and acquire enough vintage glass molds and raw materials. In 1959, he opened his glassware manufactory in an abandoned chicken coop.

In 1971, Tom established the name Mosser Glass. Today, Tom and his family – including his wife, son and two daughters – employ over 30 people. They continue to use vintage Cambridge glass molds, as well as innovating original designs.

To create the glassware, artisans gather glass from a furnace heated up to 1800-2500 ºF. The artisan, or “gatherer,” will then press the molten glass into cast iron molds. When ready, the mold is opened and removed to reveal a new piece of glassware. The items are allowed to cool slightly and harden before being polished. The pieces are then put through an “annealer” that provides a controlled temperature to slowly and gradually cool the glass over the course of several hours. 


6" in diameter x 7.5" high
(15 cm x 19 cm)
Base is 4" in diameter (10 cm)
Weighs: 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)

Pressed glass

Made in

Key points
- Pitcher for serving cold or hot drinks
- Based upon a design dating to 1915
- Pressed glass is durable, heat resistant and stain repellant
- Made in Ohio since 1959
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