Hand Thrown Ceramic Planter (Grey)

Handmade and individually signed by ceramicist Judy Jackson, this glazed stoneware planter pot was crafted to highlight the natural splendor of the plants that will call it home. Also available in White and Blue. Exclusive to KM. (more info)

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 Hand Thrown Ceramic Planter (Grey) - Kaufmann Mercantile

Handcrafted by potter Judy Jackson in her New York studio, these individually signed stoneware planting pots are the perfect addition to any home garden. The light grey glaze was hand-mixed by the potter—a rare practice in contemporary ceramic production. Each planter intentionally features only a single shade so as not to detract from the natural beauty of the plants it holds. The pots have a drainage hole at the base and come with a separate drip plate to protect surfaces from moisture. Earthy succulents, lush flowers and fragrant herbs that grow on living room shelves, balcony table tops or kitchen windowsills will find a happy home in these classic planters.

Use & Care

These stoneware planter pots make for a sturdy, stately home for all manner of growing greens. Stoneware, which derives its name from its dense, stone-like surface, has long been touted for not only its beauty, but also its extraordinary durability. Its high firing temperature makes these stoneware goods completely leak-proof and quite chip-resistant. 

Production & Design

This stoneware planter pot was designed and wheel-thrown by potter Judy Jackson in her New York studio. After the shape is made, each pot is then oxidation-fired and finished with Jackson’s own hand-mixed glazes. Jackson believes that form should follow function, and this ethos is reflected in the refined simplicity and understated elegance of her line of planter pots, bottles, vases, and tableware.

Jackson’s commitment to her craft is reflected in her embrace of some of its more traditional methods, such as mixing her own glazes rather than sourcing them. Before commercial glazes were as readily available as they are now, potters passed down recipes that they tried, tested, and perfected for themselves. Jackson believes that this is all part of the potter’s development – constantly familiarizing oneself with the basics of their art. To create each glaze, Jackson starts with a recipe of five to seven ingredients that are all added to a large bucket. Colorants, called oxides, are added next, followed by a powdered base (silicone, for example). Once everything is thoroughly mixed with water, its sieved to ensure even distribution and a fine, lump-less consistency. 


Size (Diameter x Height)

Small: 4.3" x 4" (11 cm x 10 cm)
Weighs 1 lb. (0.5 kg)

Medium: 6" x 5.6" 
(15 cm x 14 cm)
Weighs 2.3 lbs (1 kg)

Large: 7.5" x 7" (19 cm x 18 cm)
Weighs 4.6 lbs. (2 kg)

Clay (Stoneware)

Made in

Key Points
- Hand-thrown ceramic planter
- Hand-mixed glazes reveal artisinal production
- Drainage hole in base of planter and drip plate
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