Handcrafted Pewter Shaving Brush

Finely-crafted shave brush with pewter handle and full volume, soft badger hair. Eliminates the need for a pre-shave routine of washing and applying lotion. Hand polished and hand assembled in Sheffield, England. (more info)

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Handcrafted Pewter Shaving Brush - Kaufmann Mercantile

The greatest benefit of using a shave brush is that, along with shaving soap, it eliminates the pre-shave routine of washing and applying lotion to the face. Moving a shave brush across the skin works as a gentle exfoliant, and lifts and softens hair for a smooth, close shave. 

The modern shaving brush traces back to the 1750s when the French referred to it as a "blaireau" for "badger" indicating the oldest finest brushes were made with the same pure badger hair of these, which are handcrafted and polished in Sheffield, England, a place known for its superior metalwork and quality craftsmanship.

A shaving brush infuses your shaving cream or soap with water, creating a richer lather than you could not have achieved with your fingers. The shaving brush adds no time to your normal grooming routine (you have to lather anyway!) and makes your post-shave face smooth and soft.

Use & Care

Dip the tip of the brush into the shaving cream or soap you've chosen to use for a shave, and lather gently using a light, circular or up and down motion.  Gentle is key - there's no need for enough pressure that makes the badger hair splay out. Work the lather a bit, then go ahead with your shave. After shaving, rinse the brush gently out with clean, warm water from the tap. 

If you have a stand, flicking excess water out and setting the brush downwards in a stand is ideal. If you don't, lay the brush out on a clean, soft cloth to allow it to air dry. For the best results, try not to leave the brush submerged in water or enclosed while wet in a too small space. The natural hair will be less prone to developing mildew this way.

Production & Design

The manufacturer was founded in 1949 in Sheffield, England by a skilled pewter craftsman who started out making pieces in his own home and selling them out of his suitcase. 60 years later, the company is now well known for their hundreds of pewter products that are first spun on a spinning lathe then assembled and polished by hand. 

Sheffield, England gained an international reputation for steel production during the 19th century, and before that, in 1769, they revolutionized the manufacturing of pewter products to make them more quality and durable than they had been previously.



4" x 1.5"

92% pewter with metal alloys added for strength
badger hair 

Made in
  • USA
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