Handmade Beeswax Taper Candles

Burns longer and are safe, non-toxic alternatives to paraffin candles. Hand-dipped with 100% cotton wicks. Small tapers burn 6 hours, long tapers for 10. Handmade in Cottage Grove, Oregon. (more info)

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Handmade Beeswax Taper Candles - Kaufmann Mercantile

Dipped taper beeswax candles are 3/4” wide and either 6" or 10" tall. They have a natural amber color, 100% cotton wicks, and no components besides beeswax. Unlike petroleum-derived paraffin, one of the most widely-used candle-making materials, the natural fumes and smells of beeswax candles are perfectly healthy, not to mention soothing.
The tapered candles are hand dipped layer by layer and paired by a single wick. The 6" candles burn for six hours, and the 10" for ten hours. Their shape makes wax drips unobtrusive and easy to manage. The company that makes these candles is run by a skilled three-person staff that hand crafts and dips each candle. They make all candles on-site out of 100% pure beeswax, which means the candles have a natural, honey-sated smell and a tactile, hand-made feel. 

The candles are packaged without plastic.

Use & Care

Each tapered candle has an extra wax drip on its end, a result of the dipping process, these drips fit neatly into the rounded bottoms of most candle holders. The connected wick that joins the paired candles must, of course, be cut in order to burn, and should be trimmed to about ¼ inch before each use.
If wicks begin to lean or curl while burning, they can be re-centered using a bobby pin or some other fire-proof tool to keep the wax from melting unevenly. As a result of softer oils rising to the candles surfaces, a whitish substance called bloom may appear over time. Some people like the natural texture of bloom, but it can easily be removed by wiping candles down with a soft cloth.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Production & Design

Artist Joseph Beuys once described beeswax as carrying a warmth characteristic. He felt that the way bees worked modeled the way artists should work: The whole builds a unity, which has to function perfectly, but in a humane, warm way, through principles of cooperation and brotherhood." According to Beuys, all by-products of bees stood for unity and camaraderie. It's a romantic sentiment, but a compelling one and if you wanted this kind of unity-seeded warmth from any daily object, it would be from your candles. 


–Small Taper candles: 6'' x 3/4'' 
(burning time 6 hours)

–Large Taper candles: 10'' x 3/4'' 
(burning time 10 hours)

–100% pure beeswax
–100% cotton wicks


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