Handmade Berti Folding Knife

7 inch folding pocketknife with polished bone handle. Arched design is a signature of the Abruzzo region in Italy. Blade made of carbon and stainless steel blend, attached with brass rivets. Slip joint design. Ships free. (more info)


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Handmade Berti Folding Knife - Kaufmann Mercantile

Unlike mass produced versions, this slip joint pocket knife is intricately tied to the spirit of the artisan. One craftsman, working in a small shop of eight in the Tuscany region of Italy, makes the knife from start to finish all the way through, using the same methods of a hundred years agoworking by hand when it is best, working with a machine when it is better. This maker then carves their initials on the heel of the knife, below the signature stamp of Severino Berti, the son of the first Berti knife maker. 

The knife originates from a tradition of knife makers who originally developed it as a tool for all workmen in the land. They would use it in the fields, then at the table to eat with, then to protect themselves and their families, if need be. It was an all-purpose cutting tool, a true "workman's companion."

By a Rockwell scale, the very fine, forged—not stamped—420 grade steel blade is of 55-57 hardness. The 420 grade is a high carbon stainless steel with better corrosion resistance than standard carbon steel. 

The handle, which comes from the ankle of a beef cattle, is chosen for low porosity and strength. It contains no special polish or finishing, but is ground and polished by hand until smooth. The feel in your hand in solid, trustworthy, but light.

Today the U.S. vendor of these knives stands by the motto "One should never go anywhere without a means to cut, bind, or illuminate." The knife, a survival companion, does it all.

Use & Care

The knife has a 2.9 inch blade made of a stainless steel, carbon steel blend. It cuts to a very fine, sharp point, and comes to you very sharp indeed, so use caution.

Useful for any person needing a cutting tool in their everyday lives.

Production & Design

A Berti trip to Scarperia, Tuscany in 1962 via Coltellerie Berti

The Berti tradition started with David Berti in early 19th century Tuscany. The knife business was then passed down to his son, Severino, then to Alvaro, then to Andrea, who is the operator and owner of the knife workshop today, which employs eight craftspeople who individually make the knives by hand (with some help from machinery) from start to finish. 

It is difficult to keep the artisan tradition alive when there's so much competition for mass-produced products. But the knives that are made by hand stand apart in quality. Not only stamped with an individual's initials, they come with the promise of a craftsman who makes a livelihood from upholding four generations of a quality product, and a family name.


3.8 inch handle
2.9 inch long blade

Cattle bone handle
Carbon/Stainless steel blend blade

Made in
Tuscany, Italy
  • USA
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