Handmade Ceramic Growler With Loop

Wide mouth ceramic flip top with rubber gasket to seal carbonation. Slip cast by hand and trimmed on the potters' wheel for a tight fit. Made in Portland, Oregon. Comes in 32 and 64 ounce sizes. Also available in Black. (more info)

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Handmade Ceramic Growler With Loop - Kaufmann Mercantile

In the late 19th century, workers carried home beer (often subsidized by their employer) in small galvanized pails from their local pub. The word "growler" apparently describes the rumbling sound the beer made when sloshing around and releasing carbon dioxide that escaped from the lid. 

Our ceramic growler is handmade in Portland, Oregon. Unlike the "beer buckets" of the 1800s, this version seals carbonation with a rubber gasket to keep your draft fresh for days (and prevent any "growling" on the way home).  Its thick cast protects beer from heat and light and is strong enough to withstand cracking from the pressure inside. There are no machines involved in the production process: First, a prototype is put on the lathe, then a mother mold is poured to create other working molds. From there, the growlers are glazed, fired and inspected for quality. Every step involves the hand of the maker.

This growler is one of very few entirely manufactured in the U.S.A. The small pool of competitors allows this small Oregon-based company to make their growlers in small batches (around 20 per day), paying strict attention to quality and consistency.

Use & Care

The growler is not dishwasher safe. To clean, hand wash and use a bottlebrush to scrub out the bottom and sides after use. Dry upside down.

When transporting, make sure the growler is secure. (Just because ceramic is tougher than glass doesn't mean it can’t be fragile.)

The growler can hold any tasty beverage from the tap, whether IPA or kombucha.


Production & Design

A growler not only cuts down on waste, preventing countless beer bottles and cans from being thrown out, but also allows you to drink more tap beer, which just plain tastes better.

Because the Portland-based company that makes these growlers believes each one should be made as well as the last, they will replace any vessels with structural flaws within 30 days. 

The owners trained for years in American ceramic manufacturing. They’ve maintained a successful business in direct competition with China because of their expert knowledge and efficient production. 


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32 ounce (8.5 inches x 4.5 inches)

64 ounce (11 inches x 5.75 inches)

- High temperature stoneware clay
- 302 Stainless steel wire
- Food safe rubber gasket
- Food safe/high temperature glaze

Made in

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