Handmade Copper Tea Kettle

Hinged lid and hot-tinned interior for better resistance against corrosion. Fixed handle for stovetop and swinging steel arc-shaped handle for campfire use. Holds approx six cups (36 ounces). Handmade in U.S.A. (more info)

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Handmade Copper Tea Kettle - Kaufmann Mercantile

These copper kettles take over 20 hours to make by hand in a Vermont factory. The design is based on an early 1800s prototype, when the country was still young and James Madison, “The Father of the Constitution,” presided over the United States of America as its 4th President. For historical accuracy, a steel swinging-arc handle has been attached with brass hardware. The early pioneers would unload these copper kettles from their covered wagons and hang them over the fire at camp.

Because copper conducts heat much more efficiently than other materials, your water will boil faster than with conventional tea kettles. If cared for properly, the makers intend for these limited edition tea kettles to last as long as the 19th-century original and become family heirlooms.

Use & Care

Hand wash with warm soap and water. Never place in dishwasher.

Copper conducts heat, which means that your water will boil faster than with conventional kettles made from other materials. This also means that you must use a potholder or oven mitt to handle the hot vessel.

When boiling liquids, the water level must reach and cover the area where the spout is soldered on. If not, the spout will break off. The spout is soldered on the surface of the body and it will naturally become the weakest and most vulnerable point if there isn't any water to act as a buffer and keep it from melting. This is not an indication of defect, but rather the handcrafted nature of the item. In short, always boil a full pot of water.

Copper is a metal that will not rust, as long as it is not exposed to acids. Over time and with regular use, the kettle will change in color and surface texture. This is not damage, but simply the copper molecules settling in and getting comfortable. This naturally occurring patina will develop over time to create a one-of-a-kind finish. If you prefer to restore the original copper sheen, you can polish up the cup with a soft cloth and cleaning solution. 

Acid corrodes copper, therefore, the inside is hot-tinned so that you may boil water or serve tea and hot cocoa without worry. If you want to clean the inside of your tin-lined copper kettle, rinse with warm water and mild soap, then dry thoroughly.

Each kettle is individually made, so imperfections are expected and contribute to the uniqueness of your handmade item.

Production & Design

This metalworking company is careful to adhere to the same standards of materials and fabrication set almost 200 years ago at its founding. Around five copper craftsmen are involved in the making of each tea kettle. The process begins with the shearing of copper sheets to size. These sheets are then blanked, or cut, by hand into individual parts for the body, the bottom, the lid and the handle. The pieces are hot-tinned on the interior to follow FDA standards, and so that you can boil liquids without worry of corrosion and damage. The blanked copper pieces are then hand-lathed to form the body and lid of the kettle, after which the handle and spout is soldered on. Every step of the process is carefully achieved by hand, just like the founders did back in 1819.


7 ½ inches x 7 inches x 4 ¼ inches
(19 x 17.75 x 10.75 cm)
Holds approx 6 cups (36 ounces)


Made in
  • USA
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