Haws Watering Can

Perfectly balanced steel watering cans hot-dipped in zinc to prevent rust. Comes with replacable brass rose to delicately water seedlings. Cans hold 1.3 or 2 gallons of water and come in silver or green. Made in England since 1886. (more info)

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Haws Watering Can - Kaufmann Mercantile

Proportion and balance are key for a watering can, and Haws cans are designed to tilt easily without spilling. The long, single handle running front to back allows for two-handed lifting when the can is full and heavy. The tall neck and domed lid prevent water from sloshing out when the can is held at a steep angle. A narrow spout releases a steady stream of water with restraint to prevent flooding the plant. Haws watering cans come with a detachable brass rose (the small cap at the end of the spout with holes) that diffuse the water into a fine spray for seedlings.

Each can is made of robust steel that resists denting and puncturing; the cans are also hot-dipped in zinc to prevent rusting. The compact oval shape of the cans makes them easier to store and carry. Watering cans are available in 1.3 or 2.1 gallon sizes, in emerald green or lacquered steel gray.

Use & Care

Take care to maintain proper pressure while watering. Without enough pressure, water begins to leak and dribble down the brass plate rather than spraying out into your garden. The watering can may need to be refilled or tilted more steeply. For a heavier spray over a limited area, the brass plate can be fitted pointing downwards toward the ground. When using the rose for a gentle spray, be sure to fit it on to the spout pointing upwards.

Leaves and debris should be kept out of the can so the spout doesn't clog. The rose should be washed occasionally so bits don't get stuck in the spray holes. If the rose does become clogged, wash it out with pressurized water from a tap or hose, or alternatively, blast through the brass holes with an air pump. If it visible debris is not clogging the rose, green algae or limescale build-up could be causing the blockage. For algae, soak the rose in a white vinegar overnight. Rinse thoroughly after soaking. For limescale, soak the rose in a biodegradable descaler, such as those used for removing lime from coffee makers.

Haws watering cans are expected to last 15 years with minimal care, but have been known to last a lifetime. Avoid letting water freeze inside the can, or dropping a full can onto a hard surface. Haws will replace defective cans free of charge. 

Production & Design

John Haws patented his first watering can in 1886, and the company he created continues to manufacture that same watering can a century later with almost no alteration to the original design. During his post as a civil servant for the British Colonial Services on the island of Mauritius, Haws began growing vanilla plants. He found existing watering cans cumbersome and inadequate, so vowed to develop a better tool once he retired back in England. His innovative design included a new shape for the canister, a higher carrying handle and a lowered spout position at the canister’s base. These changes made Haws’ watering can more suited to the task of gardening than any other can on the market at the time. Today, Haws garden tools are made in Smethwick, England, a little over one hundred miles away from John Haws’ original London manufacturing site. 

To make this watering can, a craftsman cuts the body, base and spout out of a sheet of steel. Each component is then shaped and rolled on machines, and all the parts are joined together by interlocking flanges, then spot-welded by hand. The assembled can is then hot-dipped into a galvanizing zinc bath and painted. 

Water your more delicate house plants with a gentle spray from a Haws Brass Mister


1.3 gallons (5 liters) with oval rose (wide spray)
2.1 gallons (8 liters) with round rose (narrow spray)
Replacement oval rose (fits 5 liter only)
Replacement round rose (fits 8 liter only)

22.5 inches long, 6.75 inches wide, 12.5 inches tall
(57 cm x 17 cm x 32 cm)


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