Japanese Pruning Saw

Very sharp, fast-cutting saw in a wooden sheath with a snap button clasp. For cutting back green wood in unruly gardens, or clearing the trail while hiking. Made in Miki, Japan. (more info)

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  • Japanese Pruning Saw - Kaufmann Mercantile2
Japanese Pruning Saw - Kaufmann Mercantile

Looking and feeling like some antique pistol, this pruning saw is easy to wield and razor sharp, with a fast-cutting action that makes satisfyingly quick work of trimming stray branches and unruly weeds. A beech wood sheath with a snap button clasp keeps gnashing teeth safely tucked away.

Use this handsaw as a smaller, lighter, and more elegant alternative to a chainsaw. It's equally at home on hiking trails as in your backyard or garden. Its large teeth will quickly fell any small branch that dare cross your path or offend your aesthetic sense. Like most Japanese saws, it cuts on the pull stroke, giving you more control, especially when pruning branches above the shoulder.

The chrome blade is packed with eight taper-ground teeth per 30 mm (that's a total of 80 filed, gnashing teeth on this 30 mm saw). The company that makes this has been making sharp cutting blades since 1919 in the city of Miki in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. For 200 years Miki has been known for producing sharp cutting edges, specializing in saws, chisels and other bladed tools. It’s a city that's serious about blade craft — only 23  people hold the title of master craftsman, and each is one registered by the government. No impostors there.

Use & Care

The saw and scabbard also comes with a belt clip. It's designed to hang off your utility belt. Attach it by sliding the clip up behind your belt and hook the clip over it. The traction from your jeans and belt will keep it in place. Snap the cuff around the saw handle for added security on the move.

This saw has a protective coating, that will keep it free from rust for a long, long time. The handle is constructed of finished wood, which keeps it sealed from moisture. The scabbard has an oil finish that should be replenished to keep the case from cracking, but if used often, your hand oils will keep it in tip top shape

Production & Design

The blade is machine made, but pieced together manually with the beech wood handle and screws. It is designed and manufactured in Miki in the Hyogo Prefecture, a city renowned for its long tradition of blacksmiths and knifesmiths.

This rich heritage dates back to the turn of the 17th century, a turbulent time for Japanese geopolitics. After the town and its besieged castle fell to daimyo warrior Toyotomi Hideyoshi, carpenters and smiths came to Miki to help rebuild, the latter forging tools and a new cottage industry to boot. Over the next 200 years,  the city developed its reputation throughout Japan for high quality tools, and by 1800 they were exporting saws, chisels and other bladed tools throughout the world. Today, most of the steel making here is undertaken by small businesses, for whom the skill of the craft is more highly valued than sheer volume of output. Led by 23 government-registered Master Craftsmen, around 166 steelworkers employed by 131 firms, supplying a continuing demand.


Pruning, landscaping and cutting back gardens
Clearing trail while hiking

Overall length
16.25 inches (412 mm)
18 inches with case (457 mm)

Blade length
11.8 inches (300 mm)

Steel blade and hardware, beechwood handle and scabbard, snap button clasp Made in
Miki, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
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