Juwel Thermal Carafe

Insulating glass and steel carafe that keeps drinks hot for 8 hours or cold for 24. Holds 1 liter (~8 cups). Original design from 1918 and made by a century-old company in Germany. (more info)

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Juwel Thermal Carafe - Kaufmann Mercantile

Originally designed in 1918 to serve the coffees and juices on the luxurious Pullman sleeping cars of the American railroads, this carafe is an insulating hard glass vessel encased in stainless steel. This carafe has enduring, rust-free good looks and an unusual insulating mechanism that's withstood the test of time. Keeps liquids hot for 8 hours or cold for 24, and holds 1 liter (about 8 cups).

Stylish and immensely functional, this beauty features a metal handle, hinged cover with stopper, and a design that still looks fabulous on the modern table.

The carafe's dripless spout allows for a smooth pour and its thick glass liner doubles the carafe’s ability for beverage insulation. The seals on the hinged lid are guaranteed airtight and the Alfi’s stainless steel outer shell is both striking and durable.

Unlike other carafes, the manufacturers of the Juwel never use mercury to coat or make the glass, so there's never any of that in your drink.

The carafe comes with a 5-year warranty on their patented glass insulation function.

Use & Care

Never use a stovetop, microwave or hotplate to reheat your carafe.

To fill the carafe, depress the hinge button in the cap and gently unscrew the lid counterclockwise to remove.

Fill your Alfi with the beverage of your choice and it will keep the hot - piping hot, and the cool - ice cold. The Alfi works beautifully for everything from coffee and tea, to chilled, fresh-squeezed juices.

After filling, depress hinge button several times to ensure an airtight seal.

To serve, gently depress hinge button and pour.

Be gentle and thorough and always hand-clean your carafe. Never use abrasive or scouring methods. Do not put the carafe in the dishwasher.

To disassemble the carafe for cleaning, unscrew the steel at the center and slide out the glass liner. For the glass, use a soft brush, warm water and cleaning liquid. Avoid using metal or plastic cleaning brushes as they can damage the carafe's surfaces.

For the steel, use a damp cloth and gently wipe the stainless steel surface and dry with a soft towel. Abrasive cleaners or scouring pads can scrape the steel, so it's best to be gentle. 

Production & Design

Founded in Weirhem, Germany, the manufacturers of this carafe have been perfecting the all-important insulating glass liners and air-tight seals of their carafes since 1914. The near-century of product development has resulted in carafes fit for kings, and their reputation for superior craftsmanship and thermal efficiency is legendary.  


1 liter (~8 cups) 

–Hot drinks (8 hours)
–Cold drinks (24 hours)

–Stainless steel
–Rubber seal

Made in
Weirhem, Germany
  • USA
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