Laguiole en Aubrac Horn Steak Knives

Set of four stainless steel table knives with solid horn handles and Laguoile’s distinctive bee on the bolster. Each unique knife is manually shaped, assembled, and decorated by a single master cutler from start to finish. Also available in Olive Wood. (more info)

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  • Laguiole en Aubrac Horn Steak Knives - Kaufmann Mercantile2
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Laguiole en Aubrac Horn Steak Knives - Kaufmann Mercantile

These elegant steel knives with solid horn handles are made in the Laguoile region of France, as denoted by the iconic bee on the knife’s bolster. The first Laguoile knife was created by Pierre-Jean Calmels in 1829, and the knife-making trade has come to define the area ever since. Laguoile en Aubrac, the region’s oldest maker, created these table knives. Each one is fastidiously handcrafted by a single master cutler, from handle-shaping to blade-fitting, then stamped on the metal spine with a pattern unique to that craftsperson.

Each knife’s solid horn handle bears the traditional ‘Shepherd’s Cross’ – six to eight inlaid pieces of metal that form a cross when held vertically. According to local legend, late 19th century Catholic shepherds fashioned the cross so that they could stick their knife into the ground or a loaf of bread and pray to it while away on long seasonal herd migrations.

Made of hardy, low-maintenance materials, these impressive table knives are made to last for generations of special occasions. The blade is forged from ultra strong Swedish Sandvik stainless steel, which sharpens easily, holds an excellent edge, and never rusts. The handle is harvested from the solid, dense tip of a cow or water buffalo horn, ensuring a smooth and reliable grip. The handle’s harmonious pattern and the blade’s slim profile make these knives an eye-catching addition to the table, from a special steak dinner for two to a lavish holiday affair.

Use & Care

Hand wash immediately with warm water and mild detergent. Avoid soaking, which can cause the olivewood handle to crack or split. Towel-dry with a microfiber cloth to prevent water spots.

If desired, the stainless steel can be polished.

The solid horn handle can be polished or periodically treated with a light layer of food-grade oil.

Production & Design

While the production of Laguoile knives is not limited to the Laguiole region of France, it is only in this small village that production is still done by hand rather than machine. Laguoile en Aubrac is the oldest, most established, and highest quality maker in the entire region. Since 1892, each knife manufactured at Laguoile en Aubrac is the product of up to 216 individual steps and is the handiwork of a single cutler. These masters of their craft each have their own unique pattern or mark, which is stamped into the metal spine of the knife, allowing each piece’s individual lineage to be traced.


Each knife is 9.5" long (24 cm)

Stainless steel

Made in

Key points
- The knife’s metal spine bears the unique marking of the craftsperson who made it, allowing its lineage to be traced
- Every utensil bears the trademark Laguoile bee on its bolster
- Made by hand in the Laguoile, France by the oldest, most established, and highest quality knife maker in the region
- Comes in a set of 4
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