Laid Finish Fold-Over Card Stock

Sheets of card stock made of 25% cotton and featuring a subtle line pattern. Lightly creased at the center for easy folding. Becomes a 4 ¼ x 6 inch card (A5 size). Pack of 25. Made by a French company since 1919. Fits the Tissue-Lined Envelope. (more info)

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Laid Finish Fold-Over Card Stock - Kaufmann Mercantile

The story of this paper begins with a young man who arrived in Paris in the early 1900s. He began working for a company specializing in printing and stamping, and with his thorough knowledge of paper, decided to set out on his own. In the summer of 1919, he rented space on the rue Richer, bought second-hand stamping machinery, and began his first batch of paper. Twenty years later, he was providing the royal courts of Sweden, Holland, Belgium and Monaco with hand-crafted stationery.

The specific kind of paper in this card stock is known as "Verge" (short for vergeures, a word meaning "striped" in French) which refers to the grid of parallel translucent lines that are made as the paper was laid to dry. The paper is produced on a hybrid machine, which can produce both mould made and fourdrinier pages. The stock is acid-free, so will not yellow and turn brittle over time. 

This card stock is made at the Papierfabriek Schut in the Veluwe region of the Netherlands, at a mill on the Heelsum brook. The mill was established in 1618 by the De Veentjes during the Golden Age of Dutch Masters (period in the 17th century where Dutch  trade, science, military, and art were highly regarded) and was succeeded by the Schut family in 1710, who continued the 400 year tradition of fine paper making. 

Use & Care

Using a fountain pen (ideally), enjoy the tactile and visual pleasure of writing out a handwritten note on thick paper. Use the lines impressed in the page as a guideline for your longhand. Then, crease the card at its middle and slide into a tissue-lined envelope. Having taken such care, the recipient will likely stow it in a box for safe keeping.

Production & Design

The Schut mill where this paper is made reuses the pure water from the Heelsum Brook in order to reduce energy and water consumption. Part of the FSC and PEFC, the Schut mill also guarantees that their wood fiber comes from well managed forests.

The Schut Mill produces both mould made and fourdrinier. Mould made paper is the finest, oldest form of paper making, and is produced on a cylinder mould that fetches the pulp from a tank and transfers the pulp from mould to the felt, stretching it onto wide belts. The felt absorbs water and the pressure placed from the cylinder is defined by the felt's structure, giving the paper its grain. Fourdrinier paper is the contemporary way to make paper and is achieved by using a uniquely woven plastic fabric mesh conveyor belt that uses its wet end, the forming section, to create a continuous paper web by passing it through several levels of high pressure pulp squeezing. Today, Papierfabriek Schut is the last specialty grade paper still in production.  


4 ¼ x 6 inches (8 ¼ inches unfolded)

Paper Color: White
Paper Weight: 210g
Paper Ruling: Blank
Sheet Count: 25
Binding: None
Slight Crease at center of unfolded card


  Tissue-Lined Envelopes  
Laid Finish Stationery Paper
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