Refillable Paperback Notebook (Small)

Small-sized (4 x 6 inches) notebook filled with 90 sheets of perforated and detachable brown kraft paper. Two rivet binding. Saint Etienne rayon elastic strap with natural rubber core. Handmade in Paris. Comes in six colors. (more info

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  • Refillable Paperback Notebook (Small) - Kaufmann Mercantile2
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Refillable Paperback Notebook (Small) - Kaufmann Mercantile

As writers, wanderers, journalists and artists all know, the binding of a notebook is everything. If a notebook is held together with gnarly spirals or glue, the pages are sure to detach as soon as the book is opened (or at least, if not detach, result in sprinklings of curly scraps). This is one thing that makes the Le Kraft notebook so special. Held together with rivets, the pages are securely held in place, and won't budge even after creasing the cover all the way back to create a flat writing surface. As for ripping pages out, each sheet is perforated. That takes care of scrap.

The Kraft notebook is still made by hand in Paris the same way it was in 1930. Pages are 100% Kraft paper, pressed from the long virgin fibers of maritime pine (“virgin” meaning it comes from fresh sources instead of recycled waste paper). The pages have been machine glazed, a process which produces a lined effect within the fiber of the paper and gives the page a light gloss finish that's easy to write across.  The other side of the page, unglazed, is very fibrous and matte and a little rougher on the pen.

The pages are a natural brown color because unbleached, a choice that ensures minimal chemical processing.

Le Compagnie du Kraft provides this caveat in their catalogue: their notebooks haven’t been made to fit some category of practicality or handiness. Instead, they’re tough tools that almost nobody has or uses. Their notebooks like being outdoors, they smell good, they adapt, they listen to your moods, and they get better with age. And they’re made for bruisers. 

Use & Care

This urbanproof log book is as indestructible as the toughest city slicker. Perfect for sketching, daily jottings, or writing letters, since the pages rip out. Use it outdoors or in. It's been adapted to the urban professional or forest ranger. 

Production & Design

"The production line at the factory is like a theme park: the smell of oil tickles your nostrils, the motions of the machinery hypnotize you and the sounds create an atmosphere like in a Fritz Lang film. Yet the notebooks exude modernity. They are a memory of your visit to the old school park." -Sylvain Fustier, digital designer in Paris

Since 1930, Le Kraft Du Compagnie has produced notebooks they claim are not meant to be practical or handy. They're made for guys with the hands of a lumberjack. They're made for bruisers. 

Kraft paper is 100% biodegradable, and can be fully assimilated into its original natural environment once broken down, since the pulp is made from the long virgin fibres of maritime pine and is not bleached.

When Le Kraft does sell bleached paper (which we will sell as a refill), it's been ozone bleached, a process that uses the natural substance ozone, requiring no chemicals for the scouring and bleaching process. Ozone bleaching also cuts CO2 emissions in half compared to conventional bleaching. 


4 inches x 6 inches
(10 cm x 15.2 cm)

- 100% pure virgin fiber natural kraft paper
- Lightweight screw binding
- Saint-Etienne rayon elastic strap with natural rubber core

-Submarine yellow
- Jaguar green
- Rescue red
- Blue
- Black

Made in
  • USA
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