Refillable Paperback Notebook (Pocket-Sized)

3 x 5 inches tall pocket-sized notebook with elastic strap. Interior pages made of 100% lightly glossed kraft paper in a natural light brown hue. Comes in six colors. Handmade to order from Le Kraft since the 1930s. (more info)

  • Refillable Paperback Notebook (Pocket-Sized) - Kaufmann Mercantile1
  • Refillable Paperback Notebook (Pocket-Sized) - Kaufmann Mercantile2
  • Refillable Paperback Notebook (Pocket-Sized) - Kaufmann Mercantile3
  • Refillable Paperback Notebook (Pocket-Sized) - Kaufmann Mercantile4
Refillable Paperback Notebook (Pocket-Sized) - Kaufmann Mercantile

"Rescue" wasn’t just a quirky name to strap on this notebook. It was meant to stand up for the use of sustainable procedures in an industry that, in most other parts of the world, needs to be saved. This notebook is made from sturdy, durable kraft paper, bound together at the seam with rivets, not glue. It is the perfect pocket companion, meant to make lists, record inspiring quotes, and keep track of ideas for your great American novel. 

From the workshop of the least productive notebook producer in the western world

The paper in this pocket-sized notebook is exclusively manufactured from the maritime pinelands of Gascogne,  which grow 15,000 hectares per year. The growth is due to the resourceful, cyclical process Le Kraft preaches, which requires that every scrap, from by-products of maintenance (branches, tops of trees, and wood thinnings) to wood processes (sawmill wastes) be used.  

Le Kraft partnered with Gascogne to develop a coating solution to make their white kraft paper colored as brilliantly as regular paper without creating heavy CO2 emissions.  Their choice to use ozone bleaching instead of conventional scouring and bleaching is just one example of the deliberation and care they have for their raw materials, and their priority for sustainable processes. Le Kraft is not a mainstream company trying to save a buck. In fact, they call themselves “the least productive producer of notebooks in the western world.”  

Le Kraft is rescuing the old way of producing paper, and wants us to do the same.

Use & Care

Take binoculars, compass, beef jerky, and Le Kraft's Rescue Notebook on your next hunting trip. Make notes on the weather patterns and the migration of birds. Write a list or take an order, like some of Le Kraft's first customers, who were professional butchers. Whatever you use this notebook for, the paper is truly unique and strong, so don't just think of it as a vessel for pressing flowers or writing silly love poems. 

To refill the notebook with a fresh new pad of pages, use a flathead screwdriver to remove the rivets at the top, then slide the new pages in and reattach the screws.

Production & Design

Le Kraft has been producing long-lasting paper from the Gascogne forests since the 1930s, where sustainability and innovation collide and nature prevails.  Nearly 135 different species inhabit their forests, leading the paper to only source from sustainable species like pine, fir, birch, and eucalyptus.  The Gascogne mill is forest management certified and Le Kraft offers a self-sufficient manufacturing process, recycling all of its materials, creating their own energy, and ultimately producing fine, quality paper for writing, drawing, painting, wrapping, and whatever else happens when you use your paper.  


3 inches x 5 inches 
(7.5 cm x 12.5 cm)

- 100% pure virgin fiber natural kraft paper
- Lightweight screws
- Saint-Etienne rayon elastic strap with natural rubber core

- Potato
- Submarine yellow
- Jaguar green
- Rescue red
- Blue
- Black

Made in

Refillable sheets sold separately
  • USA
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