Libeco Organic Linen Duvet Cover

100% organic linen duvet with hidden button closure. Prewashed for softness. Designed and fabricated for longevity. Woven in Global Organic Textile Standard certified mills in Belgium. Available in King or Queen. (more info)

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Libeco Organic Linen Duvet Cover  - Kaufmann Mercantile

Made from 100% organic linen, duvet cover was designed for longevity and prewashed to be extremely supple. Linen is made from the flax plant, which is one of the strongest natural fibers a textile can be made from. With wash and wear, the linen fibers will become stronger and denser, while the overall duvet cover will become softer and more comfortable. In the winter, linen conducts heat to insulate for warmth. During warmer summer months, the weave and fibers allow airflow to circulate and encourage cooling.

The linen duvet cover is produced in Belgium, a country filled with flax fields. The fabric for the duvet meets the certification standards of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which are awarded by the International Working Group in conjunction with the International Labor Organization. Their certification means that the textile contains at least 95% organic fiber; has been colored with non-toxic dyes, without the use of formaldehyde or other toxic substances; and was produced in a mill that enforces strict social and environmental standards, treating their employees and the earth with deep respect.

Use & Care

Machine wash in cold to warm water with a mild detergent that is free of bleach and chlorine. If possible, line dry, as this is best for linen and the environment. Tumble dry on medium temperature if necessary, but do not over-dry. Take care to not overload the dryer, as linen needs plenty of room to breathe to prevent wrinkling. Iron with steam on slightly damp linen to remove wrinkles in full.

If your duvet cover becomes stained with any of the below, try the following treatments:
Ink: Soak in milk, or in soap-and-ammonia mixture, and blot or dab the spot.
Blood: Rinse immediately in cold water.
Grease: Rub with ammonia.
Fruit, coffee, tea and chocolate: Rub with alcohol, white vinegar and ammonia.
Red Wine: Rub immediately with sparkling water or white wine.

Linen factories of the 19th century laid out rolls of fabrics to bask in the sun for a natural method of bleaching and whitening, so you can also spread your duvet cover out on the patio or in the yard. 

Production & Design

In the 1800s, Belgium was the epicenter for flax farming and linen fabrics, with dozens of bustling weaving firms. Libeco, established in 1858, is one of the few manufacturers that has remained in business since that era. All of Libeco’s linen products begin with the unadulterated flax plant, which is planted, sown and harvested using specific machinery and methods.

Flax plants are typically sown in March and harvested in July. On one particular day each year, usually in June, each flax plant flowers for just 24 hours, creating fields of blooms colored blue, purple and white. When the plant is ready for the July harvest, it must be uprooted, not mown, because the root of the plant is also full of useful fibers. The harvested plants are then left out on the field and exposed to dew, rain, and sun, a process that develops their color and strength. After the flax is dry and seasoned, the fibers are moved indoors, where they are combed, spun into yarn and woven into linen fabric.

Linen has many benefits. It is naturally non-allergenic, antimicrobial and static free. It is extremely soft, yet still durable—made from one of the strongest vegetable fibers, linen is 2 to 3 times stronger than cotton. Linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before it feels damp, and it easily releases moisture to the air to remain cool and dry to the touch. Flax is a friend to the environment, as it requires almost no pesticides and fertilizers, because it has innate antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Flax fibers are recyclable and biodegradable.


Queen: 88" x 92"
(223 x 233 cm)
King: 106" x 92" (269 x 233 cm)

100% organic linen

Made in

Key points
- 100% organic linen
- Woven from flax, the strongest natural fiber
- Prewashed for softness, becomes more supple with wash and wear
- Made in GOTS-certified mills
- Naturally non-allergenic, antimicrobial, and static free
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