Heavy-duty Steel Spade

Fabricated from airplane-quality steel for strength. Tapered cutting edge to penetrate packed soil and tubular D-handle for comfort when digging. Self-sharpening and rust-resistant with frequent use. Measures 3 ½ feet long. (more info

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Heavy-duty Steel Spade - Kaufmann Mercantile

This steel spade is made with the same materials used in aircraft construction and Nascar chassis. The large, tubular D-handle is comfortable on hands when you push into the earth. A long, tapered cutting edge helps to penetrate packed dirt easily while resisting dents and nicks from rough, rocky soil. Frequent use of the spade aids in self-sharpening and prevents rusting. Who doesn’t like a tool that does some of the work for you?

The spades are handmade one at a time in New Jersey in the same factory since 1964. They follow the original designs from the company’s founder, as well as our Small Shovel and Digging Fork. All leftover steel is recycled and reused to maximize materials and minimize waste. 

Use & Care

Store tool in a dry place to prevent rusting. Spades and shovel blades can be pushed into a bucket of sand to avoid rusting and debris buildup. Apply metal lubricant to the blade if desired. If rust develops, use our Extra Fine Steel Wool Pad slough it off.  Frequent use will help to discourage rust. With regular handling, some areas of the spade will develop a unique patina that will also inhibit rust.

Production & Design

This decades-old company is celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2014. Its founder, Walter Lesche, immigrated from Germany to the United States in 1952, and worked in the welding and machine shop of a frozen food processing plant. Chasing the American dream, he eventually opened Walt's Welding out of his garage a few years later.

In the late 1970s, Walter began developing a spade with a replaceable blade and non-breakable all-steel handle. He later patented the innovation that allowed gardeners and backyard workers to “replace the blade, not the spade.” In addition to spades, the complete product line has grown to almost 100 different items for the horticultural and landscape industries.

Since Walter's death in 2002, his children have taken up the mantle to continue producing innovative, long-lasting metal tools using their father’s patented formula for design and materials.


Blade: 15 ½ inches long x 6 ¼-7 inches wide
(39 cm x 16-18 cm) 
Overall length with blade: 42 inches (107 cm)
Weight: 6.25 lbs. (2.8 kg)


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