Metal Plier Office Stapler (Red)

Metal plier office stapler. Staples up to 15 sheets with a 6/4 staple, and up to 30 sheets with 6/6 staples. Red enamel coating resists corrosion and wear. Comes with a box of 1,000 130/E staples. Made in Italy since 1948. (more info)

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Metal Plier Office Stapler (Red) - Kaufmann Mercantile

This stapler launched in 1948 and was assumed to be the kind of office supply you would give to your grandchildren. Stapler savants still think of it as an unrivaled object in the world of corralling papers, and the design even won the Compasso d'Oro, the most prestigious Italian prize for industrial design in 1954. 

But this stapler is more than a prototype for skillful design. It is a model for functionality.

This stapler, with its small head and deep-set fulcrum point can staple at any awkward angle or edge. The body, made of iron and steel from Europe, is reinforced with nickel-plated parts, making it rust and corrosion resistant. Enamel paint also coats the metal to protect it from wear. 

This stapler comes from a company that thinks of a stapler as more than an everyday office tool. It is a professional tool that must never leave its user in trouble. The stapler comes with a lifetime warranty against any defects or jamming whatsoever.

Use & Care

To load staples

Use the extractable pusher to secure staples in the rear-loading tray. 

To avoid jamming the stapler, the manufacturer recommends not stapling without paper. Also, avoid using the stapler as a hammer!

The stapler comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.  

Production & Design

The machines used in the manufacturing process are all made in Italy. The final assembling of individual staplers and their packaging are done entirely by hand.

The metal plier office stapler is made up of 40 components. The process starts with iron, steel, and brass bands of different measures which are used to create the components using blanking and restart presses, equipped with moulds. The pins and pivots are made with automatic lathes. Different automatically fed machines weld together some intermediate components. Metal parts are then sent to the painting, thermic and surface-treating departments. Finally, the assembling of the staplers and the packaging.

The painting department, which applies the enamel coating to the staplers, eliminated long ago all lead and cadmium based pigments. Emissions into the atmosphere during the manufacturing of these staples have been purified by modern plants which reduce pollution as much as possible.

The company that makes these staplers, and has been doing so since 1948, was born from the meeting of two Italian families who have been collaborating harmoniously for 89 years. The company offers a life guarantee for manufacturing defects, and repairs their staplers free of charge.


6.5 inches x 4.2 inches x  1 inches
(16.5 cm x 10.6 cm x 2.7 cm)

- Painted metal
- Nickel-plated parts
- Lead-free enamel paint

Loading system
Rear-loading with extractable pusher

Technical-functional features
- Takes 130/E, 130/Z, and 130/Z.6 Staples
- 6/4 (natural wire) staple holds up to 15 sheets
- 6/6 (zinc-plated wire) holds up to 30 sheets
- 100 staple loading capacity

Maximum stapling depth
47 mm (1.85 inches)

Comes with
- Box of 1,000 130/E staples
- Extractable pusher
- Patented anti-jamming device
- Lifetime warranty

Made in

To reload the Metal Plier Stapler, see that the staples fed into the appliance are those that are expressly manufactured for use with this stapler. Details for the design and model will come on the box.
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