Mölkky Lawn Game

Finnish pin throwing game made from untreated birch wood. Accommodates 2-26 players over age 3. May be played on almost any surface including grass, gravel, sand or dirt. Comes in pine wood storage crate with natural fiber rope handles. (more info)

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Mölkky Lawn Game - Kaufmann Mercantile

The pin throwing game Mölkky was created by the Finnish in 1996, and has since become a popular pastime both in Finland and abroad. The game features lightweight pieces that players of all ages and strengths can easily pick up, arrange and throw. Sized for any party, as few as two or as many as 26 people can play this game.

This Mölkky set is made using birch wood from sustainable Finnish forests, which have been certified by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), an international, non-profit organization. The Birch tree grows slowly to create wood that is hard and dense with tightly packed fibers—so when you throw your Mölkky skittle at the pins, they will not break or chip upon impact. All of the pieces, including the accompanying pine wood carrier, are 100% natural and no chemicals or toxins have been used in their production. 

Use & Care

Wipe the untreated birch clean after each use and store the game pieces within their wooden carrier in a dry area.

Mölkky is suitable for the whole family, and accommodates up to 26 players. Record scores in the included scorebook, with your own pen and paper or with sidewalk chalk. Mölkky can be played on almost any surface, including grass, gravel, sand or dirt.

Pieces: 12 pins (numbered from 1 to 12), Mölkky throwing skittle, rules.

Setup: The pins are placed in a tight formation according to the numbers they are labeled with. For the first game, the throwing order is drawn from the pins. In following games, the throwing order is determined according to the previous game results: from lowest to highest score. A throwing line is drawn about 10-13 feet (3-4 meters) away from the pin formation.

Beginning the game: The first player throws the Mölkky at the grouping and tries to knock over the pins. The Mölkky is always thrown underhand.

Fallen pin: A pin is not considered fallen if it is leaning on another pin or on the Mölkky. After a throw, fallen pins are put upright at the place where they fell.

Scoring: If one pin falls, the score equals the number labeled on the pin. When more than one pin falls, the score equals the number of physically fallen pins (NOT the total of the numbers labeled on the pins).

Scorekeeping: Players take turns in scorekeeping. If a player misses (has a score of zero) three times in a row, they are out of game and acts as the scorekeeper.

Ending the game: The game ends when the first player reaches exactly 50 points. If one scores over 50, that player’s score is lowered to 25.

Production & Design

Mölkky was invented in 1996 by Tuoterengas, a nonprofit, educational organization founded in 1983 with a mission to help grow Finland’s workforce by rehabilitating and training workers in cottage industries and manufacturing. The game is based upon the 19th century Finnish throwing game kyykkä, which originally began as a way to use up pieces of wood leftover from manufacturing. The game is now enjoyed internationally, with official Mölkky associations and leagues in Japan, France, Germany, Australia and several other countries. Mölkky has become popular because, unlike other iterations of pin throwing games, it requires no particular skill, strength or athleticism, offering amusement for all ages and abilities.


Size (L x W x H)
Mölkky in its carrying box measures 13” x 9” x 8”
(33 cm x  23 cm x 20 cm)
Rope handles are 18” long
(46 cm)
Weighs 9.1 lbs. (4.1 kgs)

Natural fiber rope

Made in

Key Points
- Easy to play lawn game for 2 to 26 players ages 3 and up
- Made from untreated, sustainably forested birch and pine hardwoods
- May be played on almost any surface including grass, gravel, sand and dirt
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