Muehle Shaving Kit

Closed-comb safety razor takes double-edged blades. Soft silvertip badger hair brush holds a generous amount of water and creates an even lather. The stand keeps both high and dry. All chrome-plated. Made in Germany. (more info)

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Muehle Shaving Kit - Kaufmann Mercantile

The shaver is double-edged with a forgiving, closed comb design and a reassuring weightiness. The brush is made from silvertip badger hair, and the bristles hold more water than your average brush, creating a quick, even lather. Badger hair is held in high regard by shaving aficionados, and the silvertip variety all but eliminates prickling — so much so that “bristle” hardly seems the right word.

Both razor and brush should be stored carefully between shaves. Hanging them in the stand will keep them dry and help maintain the sharpness of the blade.

Use & Care

The screw-top safety razor has three pieces -- handle, blade bed, and screw-top -- and only needs a gentle tightening. Seasoned wet shavers may wish to loosen the screw half a revolution for easier contouring.

When shaving, wet the brush thoroughly, then give it a couple of good shakes to get rid of the excess water. Apply soap or cream in a gentle swirling motion until the tips of the brush are well coated. Gently work the brush in a circular motion in a mug to build the lather and then apply in light up-and-down motion to your beard. With your razor, Muehle suggests going down your beard's grain at a 30-degree angle.

Store your shave brush bristle-side down, razor blade-side up. The stand holds the full Muehle range of razors and brushes.

Production & Design

Now under the Hans-Jürgen Müller GmbH & Co KG conglomerate, Muehle is based in Stützengrün, Germany where crafters pore endlessly over product design and construction. Known for their signature badger-hair shaving brushes, Muehle also produces fine razors, soaps, creams and shaving kits.  

Buffalo horn, urushi lacquer, bog oak, and velvet steel are just a few of the materials that are used in producing Muehle's brushes and razors. Both luxurious and robust, Muehle's basic materials are its trademark. Handcrafted in completely dust-free environments on vibration-cancelling granite tables, Muehle's products are not to be decorative; rather, they are begging to be used.

Badger hair brushes via Muehle Shaving


Brush: 19mm
Stand: 65mm x 75mm (2.6 inches x 3 inches)

- Razor: Chrome-plated metal
- Brush: Chrome-finished, nickel-plated brass, silvertip badger hair
- Stand: Chrome-plated brass

Blade type
Closed comb

Replaceable douple-edged razor blades 
(razor comes without blades)

Made in
  • USA
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