Multi-Use Handheld Garden Hoe

Sharp, lightweight handheld hoe, ideal for digging, weeding and slicing through roots. Indestructible heat-treated carbon steel head affixed to a seasoned, 15.5” long beechwood handle. Made by hand by one man in Lewiston, Idaho. (read more)

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Multi-Use Handheld Garden Hoe - Kaufmann Mercantile

About forty years ago, Keller Inman made his daughter in-law Sally a gardening tool. A logger and a blacksmith who could build just about anything, Keller based the design of this strong, sharp, lightweight handheld hoe on both the pulaski and the hoedad, tools used to plant trees in forests that have been burned or logged. 

The difference with this new implement was that, weighing in at only one pound and measuring 15.5 inches long, it was the sort of tool that just about anyone could use with comfort and ease. Sally couldn’t stop raving. 

Keller’s son Darrel shared his father’s love of metalworking. After retiring in 2001 as the president of a large manufacturing company whose factory he’d begun working at in 1970, he tried his hand at building and restoring an airplane or two to pass the time. An avid hunter, shooter, mechanic and craftsman, Darrel never had much of an interest in gardening until his daughter began to suggest that he start producing the handheld hoe that Keller had made for Darrel’s wife Sally so many years before.

Part pickaxe, part hoe, with a carbon steel blade so thin and sharp it’s like a knife cutting into soil, this tool is built to withstand whatever you can throw at it. Exceptionally lightweight and impeccably balanced, it’s hard to believe something as humble as a hoe can feel so good in the hand. Once you pick it up, you may have trouble using anything else. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Use & Care

This exceedingly strong, lightweight hoe cuts through roots, clay soil, and bamboo, transplants, destroys weeds, and helps in anything you need to do in the dirt. 

Due to the careful heat treating and tempering process, the steel blade is totally indestructible. A file or grinder may be used to return it to its original sharpness should it become at all chipped. Sally says she never cleans hers and leaves them all over the garden, and that there is no particular care necessary unless you want your hoe to look nice. Over time the lacquer of the handle may begin to wear, but rusting of the head will be at a minimum due to the high temperature of the heat treatment the steel receives.

Production & Design

When he first began producing this exceptional tool, Darrel Inman's purpose was to see if he could make a tool in the United States of exceptional quality, at a reasonable price. Still made by hand by just one man in the small town of Lewiston Idaho, the carbon steel blade is heat-treated to a Rockwell hardness of 50 for exceptional strength and toughness, and is affixed sturdily to a seasoned beechwood handle.


Handle: 15.5" (39.4"cm) long
Head: 8.5" (21.6cm) curved blade

1 pound

Handle: beechwood
Head: heat-treated carbon steel

Lewiston, Idaho  
  • USA
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