Natural Bristle Laptop Keyboard Brush

Double brushes attached by a rivet—one brush made of soft goat hair, the other of a bristly horse hair—suitable for brushing dust and particles from your keyboard. Twist back for use. Made by one of the last brush productions in Germany. (more info)


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Natural Bristle Laptop Keyboard Brush - Kaufmann Mercantile

The keyboard of your computer is one of your most important peripherals, and in all likelihood, it could use a good cleaning. Keyboards have plenty of nooks and crannies where grime and bacteria can build up. And whether or not you’re a stickler about closing and protecting your laptop after each use, or never eating on or near its surface, it’s going to collect a versatile array of dust and particles anyway. If you're like us, you've been letting it go, since you haven't yet found a great way to clean up.

Bürstenhaus Redecker has been handcrafting brushes for over 75 years and constructed this little tool to finally sweep away the particles, both visible and nitty gritty, of your laptop. Since it's a double decker brush with different, specialized hair, you'll be able to tackle the widest variety of media with just the one tool. The anti-static quality of goat hair is ideal for removing small particles, like dust, while the long and course horse hair is great at tackling the harder to get at particles, like cookie crumbs. Redecker believes that maintaining technology can be as simple and pure as this laptop brush.

The compact size of this laptop brush makes it easy to carry along in your bookbag or sidebag.

Use & Care

Twist the double decker bush apart and choose which brush to use first. I think it's best to start small with the goat hair brush, and then if you have to, move onto the horse hair brush. Then slowly sweep your keyboard for the best results, vertically and horizontally, for however long to suit your preferences.

Caring for your laptop brush is a lot like caring for your hair. Use lukewarm water and a mild shampoo, then wrap it in a towel. The bristles will dry out if you use a heater, so let air dry outside or at room temperature. When it's dry, gently brush out with a metal comb. Store on a metal hook or lay flat.

The handle is made of beechwood and relatively non-porous. Items made of beechwood can take a lot of wear and resist chipping-so if you're worried about getting slivers while using your laptop brush, don't be.

Production & Design

When Friedrich Redecker "senior" became blind at the age of four, he was enrolled in the Soest school for the blind. An operation wasn't really an option for him at the time, and at Soest he began training for handcrafting brushes, standard training for the blind. Lucky for Redecker, as this became a lifelong passion, influencing him to create Bürstenhouse Redecker. They are known as one of the last producers of hand-crafted brushes in Germany and have been in business for over seventy-five years. The large majority of their products range in different types of brushes- from hat brushes, to clothes brushes, to this laptop brush (and everything inbetween)-but they also offer beautiful wooden articles, such as the olive wood kitchen utensils. 

Each product is tested by every member of the Redecker family, as well as its employees. They won't budge when it comes to using natural, renewable resources, and think their philosophy of sustainability should flow into every other crevice of the world.


3 inches (7.5 cm)

- Oiled beechwood brush body
- Goat hair
- Horsehair

Number of rows
2 rows each

Made in
  • USA
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