Organic Linen Napkin (Grey)

Organic linen napkins add a sense of elegance to place settings and easily go from the dining table to the picnic basket. Designed by Danish textile artist Karin Carlander and woven on traditional looms. Also available in Black and Red. Pair with matching Placemats. (more info)

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Organic Linen Napkin (Grey) - Kaufmann Mercantile

These organic linen napkins designed by Danish textile artist Karin Carlander add a sense of elegance and ease to any place setting, from the breakfast nook to the patio table. Wrap a sandwich in the napkin and take it on your next picnic. Made of 100% linen, the napkins are also absorbent enough to be used as a dishcloth. As these napkins are woven on traditional looms, there will be slight variations in the thickness of the threads and pattern of the weave.

Use & Care

It is best to hand wash and line dry the napkin before use, to soften the textile.

Soak the napkin overnight in cold water before the first wash. Hand wash in warm water with a light soap, and line dry. For a pressed napkin, iron the textile while slightly damp. For a natural wrinkled look, use the napkin directly after line drying.

Linen has a preservative effect. Wrap your bread and food in linen to conserve resources.

Production & Design

Danish textile designer Karin Carlander was had a small loom in her childhood house, which she used as a girl to make gifts for her family. At age 19, Carlander studied under the French weaver Jacqueline de la Baume Dürrbach, who worked with Picasso to create tapestries of several of his paintings. “She was very strong,” Carlander remembers. “I learned from her not just weaving, but also about living as an artist.” Carlander then attended design school in Denmark, finishing in 1987. She spent the following decades exhibiting her weavings and working as a textile designer for several established companies.

In 2013, Carlander began her own line of home textiles. “I wanted to find a way to put my hand weaving in a modern context,” she says. She worked to find skilled weavers in Lithuania who were able to produce these napkins on traditional looms, as modern machine looms cannot use 100% linen, since the speed of the machines breaks the thread. “This way of working is not easy,” says Carlander of the process. “I draw on the loom and then work with the patterns, to make many samples of the same weaving.”

​Each napkin has retained the selvedges, or raw edge of the textile. “For me, the selvedges are very important because you see the connection to the hand weaving,” Carlander explains. “It’s a connection to the artistic process.” Her color tones are drawn from the changes in the natural world in Scandinavia, such as the subtle seasonal changes in sea, snow and lichens. 


20 inches x 10 inches
(50.8 x 25.4 cm)

Organic linen

Made in

Key Points
- Woven on traditional looms
- Can also be used as a dishcloth or foodwrap
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