Printed Pages magazine

The magazine of the British online art and design platform It’s Nice That, Printed Pages features creatives of every stripe, from illustrators to photographers to avid ’zine collectors. Autumn 2014. 128 pages. (more info)

  • Printed Pages magazine - Kaufmann Mercantile
  • Printed Pages magazine - Kaufmann Mercantile
  • Printed Pages magazine - Kaufmann Mercantile
  • Printed Pages magazine - Kaufmann Mercantile
  • Printed Pages magazine - Kaufmann Mercantile
Printed Pages magazine - Kaufmann Mercantile

Profiling artists, designers and beyond, Printed Pages takes a playful look at the creative process through the eyes of those who create. The print version of the popular website It’s Nice That, the quarterly magazine sets out to “champion creativity across the art and design world.”

The Autumn 2014 issue features a love letter to the late Peggy Guggenheim, a profile of artist (and breakdancing champ) Olafur Eliasso, a conversation with photographer C-G Hagstrom and an essay on the enduring appeal of Americana as seen through the eyes of three British artists. 

We asked editor James Cartwright to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the magazine. 

Year launched 2013
Home base London
Number of issues to date 7
Number of issues per year 4

Why did you start Printed Pages
We’ve nearly always had a printed publication running alongside our website. Previously it was called It’s Nice That Magazine and then last year it became Printed Pages as a means of differentiating the content we publish online and in print. One is snappy, bite-size pieces of information that you can digest very quickly. The magazine exists to add depth and discovery to a similar range of subjects and to explore the art and design world in unusual ways.

What was the first article you assigned?
One of the first was for the debut issue of Printed Pages about Jon Goode, a man who’d illustrate the popular British board game Guess Who? as well as all manner of other strange commissions with the toy industry. We went and spent the day in his studio, rifled through all of his old work and got a chance to tell his really quite unusual story. The article is still one of my favorites. Not many other magazines would have chosen Jon as an interesting subject, I don’t think.

Who are your readers?
Hopefully everyone. One of the main things we’re interested in achieving with Printed Pages is making the art and design world as accessible as possible. So often it’s seen as elitist and snobby, but good design in particular should be for everyone, and likewise good design writing. The people we interview in the magazine all lead really interesting lives; and what’s not to like about sticking your nose in to someone else’s interesting life?

Hardest story to get off the ground? 
There are so many. People are just always very busy so it’s hard to pin them down for interviews. We have about three article ideas that get brought to every new content meeting and you think; “This time we’ll do it.” Then you remember how hard it was to make any progress previously and the idea gets shelved again. Famous people lead very busy lives.

What is a story you have yet to tell but would like to?
That’s a secret!


8 inches wide x 11 inches long
(20 cm x 28 cm)

128 pages

Based in
London, U.K.
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