Dzierlenga F+U Wooden Stools

Mortise, tenon and finger joint detailing. Handmade of reclaimed oak, alder and sycamore. Custom dimensions available. Made-to-order and ships in 2 weeks or less. (more info)

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Dzierlenga F+U Wooden Stools - Kaufmann Mercantile

Handmade by Casey Dzierlenga in her woodworking studio in upstate New York these stools are made with traditional building techniques that are rarely practiced today. Functional, simple, and utilitarian, each stool is made to exacting specifications with quality in mind.

The stools are made from reclaimed dunnage wood, material used to line ships in order to protect precious cargo. Because of its durability, dunnage is a perfect choice for the construction of any long lasting, load-bearing furniture.

Finger joints offer a large surface area for glue adhesion between parts; no nails are used as in traditional Shaker pieces.  A stretcher bar links the sides and is fitted into two precisely cut tenons, giving additional support and two handles at both ends.

The stools are made of oak (a dense hardwood), alder (an durable water-resistant wood that does not warp or splinter easily and is therefore used for piling supports) and sycamore (a creamy lustrous wood which creates beautiful laced patterns when cut). The dunnage was originally harvested from old growth trees, whose fibers are denser than trees from faster growing new growth trees, which is used modern furniture. 

Use & Care

These great pieces can act as stools or a small side tables. They're the perfect height beside the bed or sofa as well, and can fit neatly under a desk. Or buy six to place around the dining room table-- they're an elegant addition to any room.

As with all quality wood furniture, this piece will take on a lovely patina with age. To keep it looking its best, treat it with Skidmore's Liquid Beeswax Wood Finish

Production & Design

These stools were designed and built by Casey Dzierlenga. She makes each piece in her workshop, taking great care to get it right every time. Due to the materials she uses, Casey gives each stool its own unique character. No two are alike.

Stools are made in several steps. First, the wood is cleaned with a steel brush to remove any dirt. It is then cut and replaned into long strips. Each strip is then glued together to form boards.

Once dry, the boards are cut to their proper length; interlocking finger joints, tenons, and a stretcher bar are then cut and added for support. After all parts are fitted, the stool is sanded and glued. Finally it is treated with Skidmore's Liquid Beeswax Wood Finish.

Dzierlenga has been making functional furniture for several years. What began as a love of design has hence grown into a respect for fine craftsmanship using natural materials. She is a member of the L.A. based Box Collective, a coalition of woodworkers striving to promote responsible building and lumber sourcing. 



18'' (46 cm)

17'' (43 cm)

9'' (23 cm)

Oak, alder, and sycamore

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