Elkskin Suede Gloves

Suede work glove with elastic back. Medium weight Elkskin lining. Perfect for the great outdoors. Made to be worked in. Available in sizes 7-11. Handmade in Washington State with US sourced materials. (more info

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Elkskin Suede Gloves - Kaufmann Mercantile

These suede work gloves with elkskin lining are a tough, medium-weight workman's accessory made from one of the heaviest leathers around. Just think about where elk live—in the Rocky Mountains and its foothills, where they've got to withstand long, freezing winters. If you value warmth and toughness enough to sacrifice a little dexterity, elkskin is it.

Unlike cow or pigskin, the elkskin glove stays warm even when it's wet, and is a bit thicker than deerskin, though it has many of the same properties, such as you can wash it without consequence. The only difference is that the exterior of the glove is suede, a result of the numerous scars, marks and blemishes on the surface of the elkskin. This grade of leather, referred to as "Reverse" is turned over, resulting in the flesh side or suede side for the outside of the glove.

Since 1927, these unique gloves have been hand made by craftsmen in Centralia Washington, sewn in pairs and then turned right side out and rubbed over a hot iron to ensure perfect fit. 

Use & Care

Suede is sensitive to moisture, but luckily, this pair is not meant for the opera. Feel free to only use them on days or nights when the weather is clear, to try and prevent excessive moisture damage, but really these gloves are made to be used.  So go ahead, get them dirty.

If you want to care for the suede, such as if you spill oil or another grease stain on their exterior, apply cornstarch liberally before the oil stain sets for too long and leave it sit for an hour. Then gently use an old toothbrush or suede brush to remove the stain. Whatever you do, don't soak the suede in water to clean them, as it will ruine them.

To clean the elkskin, turn the gloves inside out and wash using warm water and mild soap. This will remove accumulated dirt, oils and stains and will help gloves last longer. 

After washing, gloves should be damply squeezed to remove excess water and allowed to dry gradually at room temperature. You should never apply direct heat to the gloves as they dry, as this could cause staining and abrasion to the leather.

Production & Design

The manufacturer is based out of Centralia, Washington, where they have been making gloves for 85 years in the Western Trade Tradition. Using only high quality bison, goatskin, deerskin, elk skin, and other leathers to make their distinctive gloves and moccasins, the gloves are fit for any occasion: riding, driving, work, and dress. 


Sizes* 7-12

Elkskin suede

Made in
Washington State, U.S.A.

*To find out your glove size, measure in inches around your hand with a tape measure at the place just below the knuckles. Use your dominant hand to get the most accurate measurement.
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